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Finding The Ideal Basin Suited To Your Bathroom

How to Find the Best Wash Basin for Your Bathroom Size and Design


Of course, no bathroom is complete without a wash basin! You wouldn’t want to wash your hands in the toilet or have to turn the shower on after every visit to the loo. It’s an essentiality, one that can either make or break a bathroom. Everything from the size, location and design of the basin can have a huge effect on the overall impact of a bathroom. If you want to wow your guests and create a bathroom that you can be proud of, then a little care and consideration should go into what sort of basin you want.


There are many different types, styles, designs and materials regarding wash basins, so in this post we’re going to explore a few of their features and benefits. First of all, you need to establish, what sort of bathroom you’re renovating. Is it an en-suite bathroom? A master, family bathroom or one that you share with your partner? Your final decision will be determined by this question, so bear that in mind before rushing in and making a purchase.


Painted Vanity Unit with Stone Basin


Pedestal Basins

The pedestal basin is the most common bathroom wash basin, given that they come in a wide variety of styles and sizes and are relatively straightforward to install. You have the full-pedestal basin and a semi-pedestal.


The semi-pedestal is a wall-mounted basin, with a smaller pedestal that is merely designed to hide the plumbing. Semi-pedestal basins are smaller and far easier to maintain. This sleek design is typically found in en-suites or downstairs water-closets.


A full-pedestal basin on the other hand, is much larger, concealing the plumbing whilst also being able to accommodate a larger basin which is perfectly suited for bigger bathrooms.


 Corner Basins


Corner Vanity Unit with Basin


Does what it says on the tin. A corner basin rests in the corner and is perfect for smaller bathrooms where floorspace is in finite supply. This allows you to use what would other be wasted space and can even be doubled up with a convenient, wall-mounted corner mirrored cabinet.


Wall-Mounted Basins

Wall-mounted basins are great for saving space, however there is exposed plumbing which can be an eyesore. Such a basin can be used in very small bathrooms where space is an issue. For a neater and cleaner finish, try using a chrome bottle-trap.


Double Vanity Unit Basins


Double Vanity Unit with Marble Top & Two Basins


A double vanity unit with two basins is a great way of incorporating more storage space into your bathroom, whilst making the most of the floor space available. The plumbing will be concealed within the vanity unit, allowing you to store cleaning products underneath, and then there will typically be other cupboards and drawers either side for additional storage solutions. Again, these come in a wide variety of styles and designs, allowing you to customise your bathroom wonderfully.



The 4 varieties of bathroom wash basin listed above are certainly the finest choices and can be used to accommodate a number of bathroom styles and sizes. Plan your renovation carefully, budget accordingly and be careful before making your purchase. The last thing you need is to go ahead and rush into buying a vanity unit basin because you fell in love with the design, only to find that you’re left with very little room to move around in the bathroom.



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