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“Just as described and very good quality. I would also like to say that the customer service was excellent.”
R. Johnston

UK’s Most Reliable & Trusted Bathroom Furniture Experts Online


Solid Oak Single & Double Basin Vanity Units with Elegant Oak & Stone Top Finishes


Stylish Home Furniture & Bathroom Vanities combined with The Highest Level of Customer-Services makes The Family Owned & Operated Business - UK’s Favourite Online Retailer for any Homely Furnishings


We welcome you to enjoy your time browsing our one-stop-shop which has been personally loaded up with a vast range of cherry picked, solid & expertly crafted furniture that will accommodate all the wants and needs that one might have for their home. We can confirm with the utmost confidence that we have you covered when it comes to high-end home furniture for the bathroom or for any-where else about the house that needs some re-styling or re-furnishings. Our carefully selected home furniture collections found within this website have all been personally chosen. We have applied our knowledge and experience to pick only the best quality, fairly priced units, with our aim being to give your room a fresh look while promoting ultimate comfort and relaxation.


This is the Bathrooms and More Store, a family managed business that maintains the highest standards when it comes to customer services and product quality. Our ethos is and always has been based on the customer comes first and it is for this reason that we enjoy and take pride in being able to pass on savings to our customers that we are consistently making due to not having the expensive overheads that a warehouse, physical store/s and a large workforce would bring. We are a totally online business, which makes the running of the entire operation a lot less costly with very minimal overheads and hidden expenditures. This also is what makes it possible and manageable as a family business, and it allows us to focus on the things we see as being important in any business; to bring an honest, reliable and cost efficient product or service to accommodate a growing demand. We ensure that effort is made to pass some of the cost saving benefits to our valued customers in the way of almost too good to be true pricing on furniture items, and units that previously may have always been just out of financial reach. 


As our name suggests; our specialty is in Bathroom Furniture and Vanity Units, but do not let this take your attention away from the vast array of furniture that we have on display within this website. You will quickly realize at a second glance that actually, this is an online home furniture store that has it all; something for each and every room of the house. We know style and quality and we have spent much time finding and sourcing only the best in oak storage units,home furniture & other high-end furniture items that we know will add a touch of luxury, comfort and style to any-home. We are passionate about what we do and this shows in the products you will find displayed throughout our Bathrooms and More Store website.


Some of our more recent additions to the website are the painted oak top, and painted stone stop vanities that you will find within the websites Bathroom furniture section. We have made an effort to clearly organize our different styles and ranges of furniture to assist users in being able to enjoy a more simple browsing experience. So we hope that you will quickly and with ease, be able to jump to whatever section or page within the website that you know with confidence will be the right page; listing the specific items and styles you had in mind when navigating to that page. To demonstrate this, you will find the new painted units listed as an add-on option within the drop down menus that neatly fall under ‘Oak Top Vanity Units’ and ‘Stone Top Vanity Units’. If you have not already guessed it, then the new add-on option to each menu, beneath each of these main sub categories, is ‘painted units’; simple and effective, which is what we believe in. Some other recently added furniture units can be found within the reclaimed wood varieties of the home furniture side of the online super-store. Specifically, the Coastal Chic and Urban Chic furniture collections are where to look with stunning, vibrant units that have been attracting lots of attention from our guests. Each of the ‘Chic’ ranges is environmentally friendly, being made from reclaimed wood, and both are dripping with character. The stylish, colourful items found throughout the two Chic home furniture collections are the type of units that become a talking point or centre piece in whatever room you decide to place them in.


While spending much of our attention ensuring we are stocking the very best products for all rooms of your home, we also are aware of keeping our prices low throughout everything that we do and for this reason we are happy to still be providing all our customers with very affordable delivery services on all purchases, with Free delivery for the customers within a reasonable distance of our warehouse (check your post code to see if you qualify) – so you need not worry about any big additional costs, and enjoy the already incredibly affordable prices you see on the website. We are always thinking about our customers and know that every pound counts.


Being an only online retailer we also promote a 14 days return policy so that you can have confidence you will only end up with the best furniture for your investments made. Anything you are not entirely happy with can be returned to us within 14 days and you received a full refund or exchange for another item that takes your fancy.


Ultimately we are here to be the place that everyone knows they can come to for the very best Bathroom and Home Furniture products in the UK and being a small Family run business we are able to keep our customer services personal and on-point and our home furnishings; the best you will find on the market. So enjoy your time shopping on our website and please get in touch if you should want some extra help from one of our friendly team.