The Very Best Vanity Units at Very Competitive Prices, and Here’s Why

Renovating any bathroom can certainly be a stressful and often expensive task. By the time you’ve decided on a particular style and design that you’d like to go for, with a colour scheme in place you then have to start dishing out money on all of the necessities.

If you’re not so handy yourself you’ll have to find a trustworthy and reputable renovator to complete the task for you; so you’re not only forking out cash for all of the plumbing, a new shower, toilet, wash basin, fancy faucets, paint, vanity pieces, units, light bulbs, tiling and flooring to name a few – then you’ll likely have to buy a new set of matching towels and flannels too!


Consider all Types of Bathroom Furnishings When Renovating your Oasis


There is an awful lot of things to take into consideration. However when the process is finally over and you have a stunning and freshly renovated bathroom, all of the stress and hard work will have paid off. This is why the team at Bathrooms and More are dedicated to making the process that little bit easier for our valued customers.


Being an entirely web based business, we are able to significantly reduce the growing overheads that are demanded for the prime retail spaces. This allows us to make some incredible savings which we can then share with you – the customer. This is why our prices are incredibly competitive yet we still manage to deliver the highest possible quality product.


Most people would automatically assume that if a product is cheaper than other places then the quality must not be very good. This is not the case with our furniture, as you can see our products really do speak for themselves:


Double Basin, Marble Top Vanity Unit with Storage


We pride ourselves in the fact that we are able to provide aesthetically stunning bathroom furniture with the highest quality materials. All of our vanity units boast outstanding looks and significant storage solutions. The stone top units that we stock are crafted from solid marble, travertine and quartz which are all not only gorgeous, but also durable and easy to maintain.


Quartz Top Double Basin Vanity Unit with Storage


Furniture Storage Space is Also an Important Factor


As you can see from the image above; these stunning vanity units are very easy on the eye and also provide an incredible amount of storage space too. Most bathrooms are fitted with stand-alone basins that take up space but offer very little in the way of storage. This can become a nuisance when you’re fighting your way to the sink to brush your teeth in the morning and you have an army of toiletries standing in your way.

With our awesome vanity units you can keep all of that clutter tucked away neatly out of sight which not only allows you to stock up on more but you will also create a more relaxing vibe within your bathroom – It is also very important to have somewhere dry to store your toilet roll; there is nothing worse than coming out of a hot shower to find that all of your loo rolls are soggy!


Single Basin Marble Top Vanity Unit with Storage


Take this beautiful Golden Honey Onyx Top and White Marble Basin as a prime example of why the Vanity Units for sale at Bathrooms and More are arguably the best in the industry. For just 529 pounds you receive (With free delivery) a stunning pre-drilled rare golden honey onyx top, a beautiful heavy white bowl set(H14cm X Diameter 43cm) and a spacious vanity unit for storage. The regular retail price for an item of this calibre is 629.99, so you can rest assured that you will be receiving the highest possible quality at impressive prices.


Honey Looking Onyx top & Basin


Marvel at the impressive craftsmanship and the delicious honey hue that glows throughout the onyx countertop. You will struggle to discover a reputable company that can provide such high quality bathroom furniture with as much depth and character for a far-cry below the average retail price.


But don’t take our word for it! We appreciate that it is very easy for a web-based company to boast about providing the best quality products which is why we will put our money where our mouth is. We’ll deliver your new furniture at no extra cost and if you are unsatisfied with the quality of our products then you have a 14 day money back guarantee period. The fact is, the moment you have any one of our items installed you will instantly fall in love.