We strongly recommend that oak vanity tops be treated with a satin yacht varnish or waterproof varnish prior to use. If water is left to sit on the vanity top without using the varnish it will damage the finish. Using a satin finish will give the same sheen as the Lacquer currently on the oak vanity, we would recommend that this is done every few years to keep the unit looking as good as new.

We recommend that the unit is given a wipe with a wax cloth every few months when cleaning the vanity. This will help protect it from condensation. The vanity cannot sit in water, if your bathroom floor is prone to getting very wet then the vanity should be placed on small plastic feet the lift it a few millimetres.

We recommend that you put a bead of silicon, or no more nails around the top of the oak cabinet and then once the stone top is lifted and positioned on top this will secure it in place.

With natural stone like travertine, marble and granite we suggest that the stone be coated with a stone sealer this will protect it from soaps, toothpaste, hair dye etc. All natural stone is porous and should be coated with a sealer, this is a simple job that takes a few minutes and should be repeated every 1-2 years depending on the amount of use. For most sealing products this involves pouring the product on a dry cloth and wiping over the surface leaving for 10-15 mins and buffing off the residue with a clean cloth, however please follow the instructions on the sealers container. The quartz tops we sell do not need any sealing and will keep their finish.

Medullary rays are a natural occurring feature in oak and add to its character and style, like bark on a tree and fingerprints on a hand they are all different and add to the beauty of the furniture.

You may just see a piece of string and a screw head where you expect to see your handle. All handles are fitted on the reverse (inside the door or draw) of the furniture. This is done in the factory as we are mindful that the furniture will travel a long way before it is delivered to your home and this is the safest way so the furniture or handle is not damaged in transit. Simply open the door or draw by pulling on the string and unscrew the handle placing it the correct way round and tighten in place.

All of our vanity units arrive fully assembled we do not stock any flat pack. Handles for doors and draws will need reversing from inside of the door or draw where they are fitted to avoid any damage in transit. If you purchase a bed or wardrobe from our and more range there is a certain amount of assembly needed just to ensure that the product will fit through doorways and up stairways

All our units are solid and don’t have any holes pre-cut in them for pipework. This means that you can cut holes exactly for the needs of your bathroom. Our units are extremely solid and well-built so drilling holes for hot, cold and waste water pipes will not impact the integrity of the unit.

We recommend that your vanity unit is fitted by a qualified plumber, although the process is straight forward and can be done as a DIY job water will normally find a way or hole and all seals must to be water tight without overtightening. Although our tap comes with standard flexible braided connectors and our pop up plug is a standard screw thread the pipes you currently have in your bathroom may have different fittings.

All our taps are designed to be used with mains water pressure systems the recommended water pressure for use with our taps is 1-3 bar or 15-45 psi.   The vast majority of houses in the UK are mains water pressure fed however some residence are gravity fed. Gravity fed systems are typically between 0.2-0.5 bar pressure and our taps are NOT suitable for this type of system. If you have gravity fed water system simply chose to remove our tap on checkout and it will remove the cost price of the tap allowing you to purchase your own suitable tap.

All our items have free delivery. We use a variety of couriers depending on the size and weight of the item we are sending and all couriers have surcharges which are post code specific. The vast majority of our deliveries are totally free but couriers will charge a surcharge for the likes of Highlands and Islands, London centre and some remote parts of Cornwall and Wales. Generally speaking if the address is remote or in London city centre there will be a surcharge and this will be displayed as soon as you enter your post code.

Large items will be delivered on a pallet to ensure they arrive in perfect order. You can remove your item from the pallet and ask the driver to take the pallet away with them. We cannot remove cardboard and polystyrene packaging, we suggest that you carefully unpackage your item as if you wish to return it for any reason you will need to repackage it in the same way.


We photograph all our items from as many angles as possible and the last picture for every item is in black and white with the dimensions on it.

You can contact us either by clicking the contact us button at the top of our website, or by calling us on 0151 647 4392 or emailing us at [email protected]


We don’t have a showroom which is why we can continue to offer all our products at the lowest price’s compared to any of our competitors saving on retail rates and salespeople which is why we are the cheapest. We understand that some people want to view an item before making a purchase which is why you can call us to arrange to come along and we will happily show you the item you’re interested in.