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Cloakroom Oak Top Vanity & Basin Units.

Oak Topped Small Vanities with Your Choice of Vanity Basin; Variety of Stone & Ceramic Basins Available


Are you looking for a top quality and irrefutably stylish vanity unit for your cloak room, small bathroom or perhaps an en suite? Then you have almost certainly come to the right place as Bathrooms and More have a selection of fine oak units in all manner of styles and sizes.


Having a sufficient amount of storage space in a smaller bathroom can often be a tricky and so it is always important to find sleek and conveniently designed vanity units that can fit inside without compromising too much of the already finite space.


In the bathroom you tend to have enough clutter scattered around as it is without having to keep your cleaning products, spare toilet rolls and clean towels lying around in the open; this is why it is important to have a sufficient amount of storage space so that you can keep the bathroom as clean and tidy as possible.


The bathroom is a sacred place that should render you feeling revitalised and relaxed and a sure way to help ensure a certain level of tranquillity is to keep the level of clutter to an absolute minimum. You don’t want to have to fight your way through an army of half empty shampoo bottles when simply trying to brush your teeth of a morning.


As you can see from our range of stock we have some conveniently designed corner vanity units which are perfect for the smaller bathroom or an en suite; increasing your storage capacity while making the most of the minimal square meters of floor space available.


In the same breath you can reduce the amount of floor space that you are using up by turning to conveniently mirrored, mounted wall cabinets. Not only will you be able to keep your facewash stored away nicely in a readily available space but you will also wince in the mirror as you’re reminded of how much actually need it.


Have a browse through our varied selection of quality products; we’re sure that you will discover something well suited to your taste.



Compact Unit Oak Top