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Stone Top Double Basin Vanity Units


Here within this section of our ever growing & changing website, you will find the selection of stone topped double vanity units that have been handpicked by our small, experienced team of professionals; each with extensive knowledge and a great understanding of what makes a quality bathroom vanity unit. We take time when considering the materials being used and the standard of the workmanship that has gone into constructing each of the double vanity units found in this section so you can be confident of your chosen unit will stand the test of time. The oak vanity base unit for each product is also important and receives the same level of quality checking as applied to the stone vanity tops. The oak storage base unit of the double basin vanity needs to be solid and sturdy as well as having attention applied to styling and design.


Large Luxurious Marble, Onyx, Travertine & Quartz Vanity Units With Two Wash Basins


We want the owner to get a sense of luxury from the entire bathroom vanity unit, not only the stunning stone top. Evidence of these large bathroom vanities being high-end, top quality furniture products is coming from the neatly finished trim found on the vanity unit doors, drawers and frame.


As a relatively small, family owned and operated company we have always maintained a high sense of pride in what we stock and sell on our website, we really care about the quality our valued customers are getting when shopping with us. This ethos is of course carried across everything we sell on the website, and when it comes to the double basin vanity units displayed within this category, we have taken special care when scrutinizing the quality, space efficiency and practicality of every design and shape. The large bathroom vanities will certainly take up much of the space in any home bathroom so we need to know that they can at the same time provide lots of storage space as well as the stone top providing a surface for the proud owners to display their collection of perfumes and other toiletries, of course also being a convenient location for keeping your tooth brush, tooth paste and mouth wash (if you have). We have a number of options when it comes to choosing your preferred stone top to complete your new luxurious double basin vanity, and each stone has been picked out by us for being the very best available in today’s market, offering class, style and durability.


Maintaining the Stunning Look of Your Double Basin Stone Top Vanity Unit


All of our units come with pre-drilled holes for easily assembling them on delivery and also the oak units will have already been covered with a protective lacquer, however we strongly recommend taking some time and putting a little effort into ensuring that your stone top and basin have the right level of protection to keep them look great for the lifetime of your unit. As you may already know, the stones used in all our units are in-fact porous, so they will stain if liquids of some sort are spilled over them and they will also slowly soak up water that will inevitably spray across the units and fill the basins. So for protection, you should cover the stone tops and basins you purchase with a stone sealer and a colour intensifier. These solutions can be found at any DIY store and also will be easily found with a quick search online. The colour intensifier will really help to bring out the colour of your chosen stone too, so the result will be that your unit looks even better and remains that way for many years to come.


Marble, Travertine, Quartz & Onyx Tops and Basins – Spoiling You For Choice.


You will be pleasantly surprised to see that we stock and display a great variation of numerous styles and colours when it comes to our stone topped double vanities, so you should find a combination of stone top and basin that suits your taste and ticks all your boxes for what you are looking for in the perfect bathroom vanity. The Marble & Quartz stones come in a few different colour options – White, Grey, Cream and Black, while the Travertine and Onyx stone comes in the beige textured colour that Travertine naturally has, and the mesmerising golden honey colour you get from Onyx.



Double Unit Stone Top