The Cycle of Recycled Drinking Water

Water’s Journey from Leaving your Tap Through to Being Back in your Water Suppliers Reservoir.


Have you ever stopped to think about what happens to all the water you use at home every-day after it leaves your home, down the many drains located around the necessary locations? Every time the toilet gets flushed, dishes get washed, clothes get soaked, teeth get brushed and you and your family shower or bath, all that water has to be getting put to some use, somehow, surely?


If you think about the huge amount that a family will go through on a daily basis and then multiply that by all the families in your local city – It makes up for a huge amount of water, and this is not even considering all the water being used for commercial and industrial purposes.  So of course to make this sustainable, people have had to come up with intelligent ways to clean and recycle water that is flowing through our cities so that actually we are able to use the same water at home again and again, many multiple times before it will be deemed unsafe for household use and instead will be directed to some other use, for example farming.


How can the recycled water be safe to drink again?


We find this whole water cycle quite interesting at Bathrooms and More Store. So we spent some time to develop the Infographic you can see below, to help our website & blog readers learn about what happens to the water you drink at home after it leaves your home, before returning through the mixer tap fitted to your luxurious Double Basin Vanity Unit for a second or third time. If you follow the cycle within the below image, you will learn about the various stages of treatment that water must go through before being passed as safe for going back into reservoirs and ready to be deployed back to your home.The Cycle of Recycled Water Infogzz


Are we doing enough recycling? Do we have enough water?


If you check the bottom part of the Infographic you will find some interesting data that talks about some statistics related to water use around the globe, explaining what different cultures & countries are doing to support the recent drive to conserve water, but in reality we are not doing enough at this moment in time. A UN report has actually estimated that by the year 2030, half of the world’s population will be facing water scarcity dilemmas, and this is an extremely frightening thought. When we talk and think about these types of statistics and think about the always rising population, combined with the ever increasing climate changes leading to water droughts and melting ice caps, we can certainly see a lot of reality in these statistics and begin to understand that we need to be doing more! But who is going to lead from the front and do what needs to be done? What is it that actually needs to be done? Only time will tell. We are always wishing and waiting for the ‘Silver Bullet’ to get exposed and shared and it cannot come soon enough! Do any of you have any ideas? Please do share in the comments below if you do!

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