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Bathroom Design and Styling Trends in 2018

2018 Trends in Bathroom Design


Taste is a subjective concept, and this holds doubly true when it comes to more personal design decisions.  When decorating our homes, we pour a lot of our own creativity and taste into what we do whether we realise it or not.  Choosing the colour of paint to put on a wall or the shade of tiles for the floor can make all the difference to the person living with it, whereas others might not even notice the subtle choices made.  This is why large hardware and DIY retailers claim to be able to mix paint in any colour the human eye can see, which is over two million!  Given there is such a huge range of options open to consumers, knowing where to start and what to pick can seem an insurmountable task.  If that feels familiar then examining current trends and popular ideas might help get your creative juices flowing, or even give you a perfect template to build from.  Hopefully the list below will give anyone eager to redesign their bathroom some inspiration to get started!


A Stylish Double Basin Bathroom Vanity Unit




Colour may have been the focus of the example above, but it’s also one of the most important decisions you make when designing any room.  The colour sets the tone and the feel as well as the pallet for all other design choices you make along the way, and 2018 has seen one colour dominating people’s preferences – blue.  That’s right, humble blue (or more accurately multiple shades of blue like turquoise and indigo) have been setting trends throughout the year.  Having a range of blue tones mixed in with whites can create a stunning, rich and textured effect that of course is reminiscent of oceans and other water sources.  Having a nuanced selection of blues in your bathroom will really give it a strong, clean and stylish feel.


Sunken Baths


Expensive hotels and spas used to be the only places you would see a non-typical bath, but then a few years back the trend of freestanding and cast iron baths started to change this idea.  Now things have moved on and sunken baths being the ultimate indulgence for your bathing delights.  It may sound unfeasible to have a sunken bath in a normal home, but digging one into the floor isn’t the only way to achieve this luxurious effect.  You can have a raised platform in which your bath is sunk, yes it may seem counterintuitive to build a platform around what is essentially another freestanding bath, but if done to a high standard the effect is stunning.  You will love this indulgent design choice as you slide into your sunken bath and having the space around it to place anything you may want to hand is a phenomenal bonus!


Narrow-fitting Furniture


Not all bathrooms are blessed with an abundance of space, but there are solutions on the market for every situation these days.  One of the most stylish ways of tackling a smaller bathroom is with narrow-fit units and fixtures.  There are many available designs but you will be amazed how much space a narrow-fitted basin and cupboard will free up in an already limited room.  To really add to the style of these fixtures you should consider getting them with a white, high gloss finish as this helps project light around the room and gives everything a super modern and clean feeling.  Given that the units are super glossy comes with an added bonus that they are very easy to clean and almost everything will simply wipe off of them, giving you a fantastic looking room that’s easy to maintain.



A bit of a controversial one to end on as this often requires a lot of work to achieve, but having curves integrated into the design of your bathroom can really add a sophisticated and high concept feel to your room.  If you think about it, the main three fixtures you find in a bathroom actually contain curves traditionally anyway, so the idea here is to extenuate this idea and introduce curved designs to mirrors, radiators, cupboards and maybe even tiles and windows for example.  This will really create a striking effect and give your room a unique and very striking look that visitors will not forget in a hurry.



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