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Urban Chic Large Dining Bench

Breathe a modern edge throughout your home with our Urban Chic Dining Bench When furnishing your home, it is important to consider items that can serve multiple purposes. You never know when you’re going to want to change things around … Continue reading

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How to Make Your Bathroom Safer for Disabled People

How to Make Your Bathroom Safer and More Accessible for Disabled People   The bathroom can be a dangerous place, even for those with 20/20 vision and absent any disabilities. All it takes is one slip in the shower and … Continue reading

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10 Bathroom Pranks You Wish Will Never Happen To You

10 Incredibly Cruel Bathroom Pranks – Don’t Get Any Ideas! Pranking other people has long been a passion of ours, given that we humans have a terribly guilty tendency to enjoy laughing at other people’s misfortune. We’re not proud of … Continue reading

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