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Reviewing Our Wall Mounted Corner Bathroom Cabinet

Solid Oak Wall Mounted Corner Bathroom Cabinet


Corner Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet


There are few things that can beat the robustness and quality of a solid oak piece of furniture and the same is true of this beautiful solid oak cabinet.  Being made from a real wood such as solid oak, is already a huge step up from coated chipboard veneer like so many budget items of furniture that are available but it is not a guarantee of quality.



Fortunately, this cabinet is made from hand selected, quality oak stock and the company producing them has invested in the highest grade of wood to ensure that these cabinets maintain the highest of standards.  Whilst there are many different grades of wood, oak has its own grading structure with the highest grade of oak wood is normally perceived to be Prime Oak or Super Prime Oak and this cabinet appears to be made of Prime Oak at the very least, emphasising its quality.



The cabinet is not only constructed of high quality materials, it is also designed with a strong and robust joining method.  The cabinet utilised the age old joined method of tongue and groove as well as using screws for reinforcement and the fixings, so you will not find any of the low quality wood plugs, or even worse glue, that is often utilised in budget furniture.  This helps ensure the cabinet has an incredibly strong and sturdy construction that will take a lot of weight and be robust throughout its life.



The cabinet is a corner unit so it is designed with mounting brackets on each of the two rear sides that allow it to be securely attached to the two walls it will be in contact with.  The brackets are fully adjustable allowing the height and depth to be tweaked after the cabinet has been mounted on the wall.  Given that these brackets are so easily adjustable the cabinet can accommodate walls that aren’t perfectly perpendicular to each other, unlike some of the lower budget fixings that are on the market and require an almost perfectly flat pair of surfaces at almost exactly ninety degrees to each other.  Arguably hanging the cabinet on the wall in the first place is the hardest aspect about purchasing one, but there are clear instructions available and the brackets themselves are designed to be as simple and user friendly as humanly possible.  Every aspect of the design and fitting has been considered to give the consumer the best and most stress free user experience possible.



The high grade solid oak has been finished by being sanded to perfection before being treated with a healthy amount of a highly resistant and hard wearing satin lacquer.  This lacquer ensures that the wood is water resistant so that it can survive in the steam and damp conditions of a bathroom without risk or warping whilst at the same time protecting the wood from minor surface impact damage.  The lacquer also has the added benefit of working well in conjunction with the wood colours and textures to highlight the beautiful oak grain the cabinet is made from.



Aside from the beautifully crafted and finished solid oak hardwood construction, the cabinet has a wonderfully manufactured forty five degree front panel to perfectly offset it from the wall.  The top boasts an aesthetically pleasing overhang that adds a little extra something to the overall appearance of the unit.  The front features an almost full size door that allows easy access to the contents of both of the internal shelving spaces (the base of the unit and a midway shelf).  A large door is especially important for corner cabinets as the extra depth in the centre of the unit means that a smaller opening would potentially make it more difficult to reach any items at the deepest point of the cabinet or in the front corners.  The door is adorned by a large mirror, improving the versatility of the installation so that it can be used as an above sink cabinet or vanity unit.  This mirror is complemented by a beautifully stylised, brushed steel handle and matching hinges that give the overall cabinet a simple but incredibly stylish and modern appearance.



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