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Mothers Day 2018 Is Just Around The Corner

A Special Mother’s Day DIY Bathroom Spa


If there is one thing that is certain in this World, it is a mother’s love. Long have they been nurturing us, advising us, bailing us out of trouble and most unconditionally of all; loving us. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it affords us all the perfect opportunity to demonstrate our gratitude and allow them a chance to relax.


In this article we are going to explore an easy, yet equally as thoughtful and affordable way to treat our mothers to something truly special this year.



As nice as it is, after countless years I’m certain most mothers grow tired of your typical ‘Best Mum in the World’ mugs. There are boundless trinkets and treats to be found on the shelves in stores all over the country, though with a little extra effort you can show your old dear just how much you truly appreciate them.


Read on and find out how to offer your mother a wonderful DIY Bathroom Spa.


Spa Bath Salts


Step 1 – Preparing a Homemade Rose-Milk Bath


What You’re Going to Need:

  • 1 and a ½ cups of Powdered Milk.
  • ½ a cup of Epsom Salt.
  • ¼ cup of Dried Rose Petals. (For drying, try placing the cup on a radiator…not a hair dryer)
  • Red soap or food colouring.
  • One empty glass jar
  • Rose Essential Oil (Or another floral oil such as lavender)


First of all, grab yourself a small bowl for mixing. Add the Epsom Salt to the bowl and still well with the soap or food colouring. Following that you can add the powdered milk, dried rose petals and between 5 and 7 drops of essential oil.


Be careful not to put too much Rose Essential Oil into the mix as it is unnecessary. Stir the mix thoroughly and then pour everything into the glass jar and seal it.


Feel free to add a gift tag onto this to make it extra special, then of course store in a cool, try place and out of sight from prying eyes.


Step 2 – Candles, Of course!


Now, no Bathroom Spa is going to be complete without candles. You can of course, make these yourself! Though since you’ve already gone to the effort of preparing some beautiful homemade bath salts for your mother than I’m sure she’ll give you a pass if you decide to buy some. If you want to go all out and learn to make some Mother’s Day candles, then follow the link – otherwise, you can easily pick up a few wonderful candles at very little cost.


This will allow your mum to scatter them about whilst she’s running her bath, creating the perfect scene for a truly relaxing soak.


Step 3 – Wine. All of the Wine!


Presumably you know what sort of wine your mum prefers, if not; give up because you’re a terrible Son/Daughter. But on a serious note, grab a bottle of her favourite, or even a bottle of bubble if you want to make it extra special for her.


Red Wine in a Wine Glass



Anything Else You May Wish to Add


To be perfectly honest, the three components mentioned above are more than enough to create a perfect and relaxing spa evening for your mother on Mother’s Day. That being said; if you want to go the extra mile then feel free to add any extras. Perhaps a facemask or a mixtape would go down well? Either way, if you follow those 3 easy steps, you’ll be sure to make her day extra special.


This article was written with the assumption that you do not live with your mother. If in the event that you do, then you can still follow these steps; only you’ll have to go a step further. You must in that case, ensure that your bathroom is spotless and make the preparations so that everything will be ready for her when she gets home!




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