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What Makes Ceramic, Porcelain and Marble Great Materials For Quality Bathroom Wash Basins

Ceramic, Porcelain and Marble – Three popular wash-basin materials and their qualities

You may be wondering what differentiates one bathroom wash-basin from another and to help you make an informed decision we have compiled some information listing the differences between the three main materials that are typically used. When you are looking into buying a new basin for your bathroom is can be difficult to know the difference without having done your research. And in all honest when it comes down to it your options are practically endless given that basins come in all manner of shapes, sizes and materials.



So what are the three most popular materials used to make a bathroom wash-basin? Ceramic, Porcelain and Marble are the top three, each of which offers a unique brand of quality. Why don’t you read on and have a browse through this handy guide so that you can decide which basin material will best suit your taste and desires.



Ceramic is a material made from clay that has been shaped and fired in what’s called a kiln. This is a durable and incredibly long lasting material that is perfect for a simple and minimalistic bathroom. This is also a very popular choice for those with a more traditional ‘Victorian’esque’ bathroom style.


All in all ceramic is an excellent choice of material; however dust can often collect on the surface. But don’t panic as this can be easily resolved by simply giving the basin a quick wipe-over with a damp cloth. Ceramic is generally very easy to clean and stains can be removed without any cause for concern allowing you to maintain its natural shine.



One of the more popular materials used for wash-basins; Porcelain comes in two common forms: fine fireclay and vitreous china. Its fireclay form is sturdy, porous and fired at a very low temperature, whereas the vitreous china is a non-porous material that is fired at a much higher temp.


The only drawback with using fine fireclay is that it can be prone to water absorption which can affect the appearance of the material – this can however be significantly reduced by applying a glazed surface. Porcelain is typically the cheapest out of all of the materials but don’t let that put you off as its quality and practicality speaks for itself.


Typically porcelain is not easily scratched however if and when it does occur you can buy porcelain repair kits which fill the groove and restores the smooth surface. This material is idea for both modern and minimalist designs.



Marble is also a non-porous material that is made combining natural marble dust with synthetic resins. This is what gives marble that gorgeous, layered appearance which makes it so vastly popular. Marble is a fantastic material to use for basins due to its naturally stylish appearance and is usually manufactured in a smooth ‘washbowl’ style.


While Marble tends to be more expensive than ceramic and porcelain it is certainly worth the investment due to the fact that it can suit modern, minimalist and spa-style bathrooms. It is a most luxurious material that is incredible easy to clean. Marble can be scratched though it is very easy to repair using home Marble repair kits – if the scratches are not seen to in due time they can lead to chips in the material though fortunately these can be professionally re-finished. (It is just important to stay on top of it and thoroughly maintain your basin if you chose to roll with Marble)



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