Indoor Plants & Their Pots

Make Your Home A Healthier Place With Some Indoor Plants

The 5 Irrefutable Benefits of Having Plants in Your Home


If you’re looking for new ways to improve the general look and feel of your home, then adding a little (natural) green is a great way to go about it. That, and it’s rather inexpensive as well. Sure, you can invest in some artificial plants if you want to get the look and feel of plant life, however nothing is better than the real thing.



There is such a thing as “over-doing it” when it comes to adding artificial plants. One or two you can get away with, but any more than that simply defeats the object.


In this post, we’re going to look at the benefits that come with having plants in your home. By the time you’ve finished reading this article you’re going to want to go to your local garden center to pick out some beautiful greens to add to your home environment.


Indoor Plants & Their Pots



1 Purify the air in your home


There’s no finer way of getting clean air circulating in your home than by investing in some gorgeous plants to assist you.


Contrary to popular belief, the air in your home is generally filled with more pollutants than the air outside. This is largely due to the fact that few people ventilate their homes properly by opening up the windows and letting the home breath.


Of course, in England, where it’s incredibly cold all of the time, there’s good reason for that. So, if you want to purify the air in your home without having to let the cold in all day, then you know what to do.


As an example: English Ivy has been known to reduce airborne mould particles by up to 80%!


2 Reduced stress and anxiety


Your home should be a safe haven from all of the stresses of every day life. As such, when you’re relaxing at home, you want to be doing precisely that: relaxing. One of the most effective ways of reducing anxiety is by being in nature. Certainly, bringing the plants into your home isn’t quite as good as being out in nature, but it’s an effective start!


3 They can make you happier during winter months


The winter can be quite a miserable time for us all, given how cold and wet everything becomes. That said, by adding a little greenery to your home, they can brighten the space and remind you that this season soon will pass, and that spring is on its way!


4 Promote healthier sleeping patterns


It might sound crazy but having plants in your home can actually help you to sleep easier. This is largely due to the fact that the air in your home will be much cleaner, and the charming natural scent aids you in finding relaxation. Try putting a few in your bedroom and see how you get on!


5 Increased productivity and concentration levels


That’s right, if you work from home then you better have some green sitting on your desk to help you concentrate on the task at hand. It’s simple psychology really. The mere distraction of being able to take your focus off of your screen and admire a beautiful plant for a few moments can help to clear your mind.


Colourful Plant Pot Cups


Plants in the Bathroom


Having plants in the bathroom is not only trendy, but highly beneficial. You can invest in certain plants that thrive in a bathroom environment, such as Bamboo and Chinese Evergreen. Not only will these gorgeous plants add an incredible aesthetic charm to the room, but they will also help to purify the air and reduce mould build up.


If you don’t have a huge amount of space in your bathroom, then consider buying some miniature plants that don’t require a huge amount of maintenance. By simply installing a couple of shelves, you can create enough space to house them. Alternatively you might prefer to purchase a tall and compact storage unit that can fit nice and comfortably into the corner of a bathroom and offer a great deal of storage and display  space – perfect for some indoor plants.



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