Planning for a relaxing Bath

5 Ways You Can Improve Your Bathroom Experience This Summer 2019

Remodelling Your Bathroom: 5 Benefits of Giving Your Bathroom a Bit of Love


Remodelling your bathroom can be incredibly expensive and even more challenging. However, when done correctly, and with careful consideration it can be one of the most rewarding projects that you can undertake in the home.



Here at Bathrooms and More store, we are passionate about all things home related, especially when it comes to the bathroom. We believe in the benefits that come with renovating your bathroom space, and how it can positively influence your life in many ways.


In this post, we’re going to explore the 5 main benefits that come from giving your bathroom a little bit of love. So, without further a due, let’s get started:


Add value to your home


Coins Stacked & Mini Wooden House Figure infront


You know the old saying: “you have to speculate to accumulate”. Well, the same applies when it comes to renovating your home. Yes, it can be expensive, however you can also find a number of ways of saving money throughout the process. And, a brand-spanking-new bathroom will invariably add value and “buyability” to your home.


Certainly, you might not have any plans to sell your home in the future. But that only gives you all the more reason to invest in your space and transform it into a bathroom that you can be proud of, every single day.


Improve the appearance of your home


If your bathroom is looking a little worse-for-wear and you don’t feel overly excited every time you set foot in it, then it’s time for a renovation. By remodelling your bathroom, you can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home, making you feel great in the process.


A place for relaxation


Planning for a relaxing Bath


The bathroom should be one of the most relaxing environments in your home. This is why it is so important to renovate it and transform it into a “save haven” of sorts. Inject some soothing colours, invest in some suitable bathroom plants and scatter some candles around! There is much that you can do to create a truly relaxing and captivating experience in your bathroom.


Add extra storage space


White Shelf

When renovating your bathroom, you should pay particular attention to the amount of storage space that you currently have. A large vanity unit is an ideal way of creating more storage space, whilst doubling up as a home for your wash basins. This is a smart way to renovate as you’re creating a functional space, whilst capitalising on the finite space that you have available to you.


Create a more efficient space


Mirrored Cabinet with Painted Doors


Are you fed up with the way that your bathroom functions? Perhaps the current vanity unit is too close to the door and doesn’t open properly? Or you could do with some extra shelf space in order to create more storage solutions? In any case, by remodelling your bathroom you’ll have the opportunity to plan your layout and the way that your bathroom functions.


So, this time you might want to invest in an overhead mirror cabinet for your bathroom to make more space. In addition to that, you could invest in floating vanities to save floor space and make the room easier to clean. There is much that you can do, just do your research and plan carefully.



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