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Invite Nature into your Bathroom with some Beautiful Plants

Here we Discuss What Type of Plants are Best Suited to the Bathroom


For me personally, I find nothing more soothing than having plenty of plants around the house. It’s no secret that plants literally breathe life into your home and truly contribute an aesthetic value that will render your living space looking simply stunning. Adding a little green into your bathroom really does give is that homely feel that we all yearn for.



Unfortunately there are few plants that thrive in a moist and humid environment such as the bathroom, however there are a couple that we would certainly recommend! So, which plants work best?



Pink Orchids on Bathroom Sink

First of all I’d like to begin with the Orchid. The Orchid is arguably the most beautiful of all, coming in a range of different forms, offering a simple yet stylish stem, coupled with a wealth of vibrant colours; making it a gorgeous and classy addition to your bathroom.
Its convenient size makes the Orchid a convenient plant to have in the bathroom as it can be placed almost anywhere from a windowsill, next to your wash basin or even on the toilet cistern lid!


The Orchid family boasts well over twenty thousand different varieties which offer you a huge selection when it comes to colours. The only drawback would be that they do not blossom for a very long period of time. Since Orchids boom in warm and humid environments you will certainly get the most out of an Orchid by letting them live in your bathroom.



Bathroom Bamboo Plants

Bamboo is not only easy on the eye, but it’s also one of the toughest and most resilient plants on the planet. Being a member of the grass family allows Bamboo to live with very little to no soil at all and will grow quite quickly without requiring too much attention. In a nutshell: Bamboo is like having an independent child whom largely takes care of themselves.


Bamboo really does grow and develop at a rapid pace so it is recommended that you place it in a pot or a vase on the floor, allowing the plant plenty of room to flourish and grow. You can use Bamboo in more restricted areas however you will need to give it more attention, training the stem into more suitable positions (Such as a spiral) – This can ultimately look absolutely stunning if done properly.


Bamboo is more suitable for the modern, minimalist bathroom as it grows naturally straight and has a very uncluttered and clean-cut feel about it. On top of all that, Bamboo is evergreen and looks truly magnificent all year round, so long as you are sure to take good care of it.


Aloe Vera


3 Aloe Vera Planta

Aloe Vera, simply saying its name makes you feel at ease, don’t you think? Aloe Vera can be found around most modern homes due to its popularity and the fact that it is much more than just a pretty plant, given its natural restorative properties.


It’s best that you keep Aloe Vera out of direct sunlight, though close enough to a window to get some light and warmth. Similarly to Bamboo, Aloe Vera is an evergreen plant that will look incredible all year round. It has a very interesting and unique shape that really will do even the most poorly designed bathrooms, and will look great sitting in a vase on top of one of our stone topped bathroom Vanity units.


Again, Aloe Vera requires very little maintenance at all. In fact, in most cases Aloe Vera can survive through the humidity of the bathroom alone, making it an incredibly popular choice when it comes to which bathroom plants to roll with. Me? I’d have them all!


There are many more plants out there for you to choose from, each with their own unique pros and cons. Look around and find out which is best suited for you and your desires and then inject a little green into your life.



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