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6 Simple tips to help you feel entirely at ease in your bathroom

1) Plan Ahead


The Bathroom renovation process is all about planning ahead. Plan ahead and make your life easier by allowing yourself enough storage space in the early design stages. As I’m sure you’ll agree: there are few things worse than enjoying a nice hot shower on a winter’s day only to discover that you don’t have any towers to wrap up in afterwards! Similarly, it’s a bit of a ball-ache when you run out of shower gel or shampoo. Allow yourself enough storage space so that you can keep your bathroom well and truly stocked with all of the necessities required for a stress-free rejuvenation.

2) A Colourful Life


In order to achieve the most relaxing effect in your bathroom it would be best to opt for soothing colours. And while bright, clashing colours are very popular in the modern bathroom at the moment; such colour schemes tend not to offer the most relaxing experience. If you want to truly be rendered feeling at ease then we’d advise that you use muted tones of your favourite colours to help you fully unwind.


3) Lighten the Mood


There is a certain knack to achieving level lighting, though when executed properly the benefits can be great. The trick is to ensure that your bathroom is bright enough to banish any shadows that can render the room feeling gloomy, but not so bright that it puts too much strain on your eyes. You can even buy a number of different lights that simulate the soft, gentle flickering of candlelight which is ideal when enjoying a relaxing bath after work.


4) Clutter Free


When it comes to clutter there is no room in your home that is exempt from inevitably accumulating it over time. No matter what it is, if it isn’t needed in the bathroom then get it out of there! You need to set some rules so that all of your family members understand that the limited space in your bathroom is utilised by necessities only. This will significantly help reduce your stress levels when relaxing in the bathroom; there is nothing more unsettling than a messy, cluttered space.


5) Keep it Clean and Tidy


Clean as you go along. Keeping the bathroom clean and dry will go a long way when it comes to avoiding the build-up of mould and mildew. Install an extractor fan if need be in order to keep the room well ventilated and to avoid the build-up of condensation. A clean bathroom helps you keep a clear mind.


6) Pamper Yourself


Take care of yourself! Of course you need the standard necessities to keep yourself clean and presentable, but why not treat yourself to the occasional aromatic bubble bath? Once or twice a month is all you need to allow yourself time to completely unwind with a nice, long soak. More importantly: don’t forget to light a few candles and treat yourself to a glass of wine. (or a bottle in my case)



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