Getting an Insight into Vanity Units

Misconception surrounding Vanity-Units

Bring up the term Vanity-Units and everyone will admit to having them in their bathrooms. But dig a little deeper and you will realize that most were merely talking about any bathroom units for washing their hands and face with no relation to the actual vanity-units whatsoever. While these units serve the same purpose of holding the wash-basins in place; they are not quite the same in terms of practicality and how they appeal to the mass as in the case of vanity units. Thus, it is only fair that we get a deeper insight into what Vanity Units actually are.

Definition of Vanity-Units

As opposed to wash-basins which are mounted on the walls or supported by pedestal secured to the floor, vanity-units by definition are wash-basins which are either placed onto or built into countertops of cabinets. It is due to this unique design that many people feel like they are the results of some furniture designer who just wanted to come up with a different concept for bathroom sinks; while in actuality, there is a valid explanation to how they came about. Hence, to understand the elements that influenced the way vanity-units look today, one must understand the evolution of vanity-units over the years.

History of Vanity-Units

The vanity-units that we know of today only started taking some sort of its form during the Victorian Era when houses of the affluent had access to indoor plumbing and bathrooms. Anything that people considered close to vanity-units before the aforementioned period was basically a basin-stand to hold the wash basin along with water pitcher. Likewise, even the so called vanity-units of the Victorian times did not exactly share the same features with the present day vanity-units as they were no different from long legged-dressing table with only the slight difference of wash basin attached to them. As a result, contemporary vanity-units soon came into existence which not only boasted built in-wash basins made from finest of the finest material one was willing to pay for but also offered ample of storage facilities as the wash basins were literally built onto or into the cabinets themselves.

Types of Vanity-Units

Once the concept of modern day vanity-units took its base form as previously stated, many different types of vanity-units came into being depending on the imagination and creativity of the designers. While all the types are a masterpiece in themselves; there is no comparison to the vessel-sink-vanity-units at Bathroom & More Store which not only gives out a combination of contemporary and antique feel, but are equally efficient in terms of the modern-day problems. Here are some examples of BMS’s extraordinary array of vanity units:

  • Single and Double Wooden Vanity-Units

These vanity-units come with vanity tops and wash-basins of one’s choice that are made from premium oak, travertine, marble, onyx, glass and ceramic. Also, one is given the option to choose the shapes of the wash-basins that best fits our tastes. That way, irrespective of your selections, durability and elegance is guaranteed on every item.

Here are the links to these exotic vanity units:

  • Corner Vanity Units.

With the concept of bathrooms becoming more utilitarian like, this vanity-unit at BMS comes as a life-saver in terms of making proper utilization of space. Also, the fact that they do not make you compromise on the visually striking vessel-sink appearance, despite being a sophisticated design adds to its aspect of efficiency and timelessness.                                                                                                                          

Here are the links to this creative vanity-unit:

  • Double Basin and Wall Hung Vanity-Units

As time is of the essence, one of the principles that BMS follows while choosing vanity-units is the aspect of being able to make things less time-consuming.  Hence, BMS holds in its arsenal the double basin vanity-units which can be extremely handy for those who live in families of two or more, and wall hung vanity-units that can make the arduous task of cleaning and mopping a lot easier.

Here are just a few of our offerings:

Vanity Maintenance

As pieces of art as they are, vanity-units need constant and proper care to retain their gleam. Whether they are made from oak or different types of rocks; one of the easiest ways to have them looking as good as new is to first wipe them using warm water with PH-balanced soap or detergent and then rinsing them dry with a damp cloth. While this method might do the trick in terms of everyday cleaning or in terms of cleaning mild stains; tough stains might require you to first identify their types and then get cleaning agents depending on the kind of surface. Consequently, if you are not sure as to what degree and type of stains you are dealing with; contacting someone like BMS for their expert consultation would save you and you valuable vanity-units from being ruined.

For further details on the Maintenance of Vanities see some of our other guides.

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