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The Wine Rack with Table Top from Mobel Furniture Range

Find Out What Makes The Mobel Oak Wine Rack/Lamp Table A Customer Favourite

Brighten Your Day with this Mobel Solid Oak Wine Rack / Lamp Table


I want you to slip a drink and pour yourself into something more comfortable; in this post we’re talking about wine!


There’s long been much debate as to whether the occasional glass (preferably bottle) of wine is good for you. In any case, we’re going to assume that it is! So, we’ve put together a list of reasons why we believe that drinking wine is good for you…in moderation of course.


The Wine Rack with Table Top from Mobel Furniture Range


Let’s start by appreciating this beautiful Mobel solid oak wine rack and lamp table combo. Now, there’s no good us banging on about wine if you’ve nowhere to store your collection. If you’re a lover of fine wine, then you’d be crazy not to purchase this wonderful rack.


It is constructed using 100% solid oak hard wood and conveniently doubles up as a lamp table for the additional storage space. You can already store a whopping 16 bottles using this rack, but if you run out of space, at least you can start stacking on top as well! It’s a win-win.


This piece is premium quality and was built to stand the test of time. So, you’ll be able to enjoy this beautiful piece for years to come! Just think of how many glasses of wine you’ll get out of it!


Anyway, we could bang on about this piece all day. Let’s move along and get to the important stuff: Why the occasional glass of wine is actually good for you.


Finishing a Glass of Wine


1 – It’s good for your immune system

Again, we must make a point of saying that drinking in moderation is important. Naturally if you’re hammering 4 bottles of wine a day, you’re gonna end up making yourself poorly. However, you can ward off infections and keep your immune system balanced through moderate alcohol consumption. I’ll drink to that!


2 – Bolster cognitive functions

OK, so there is a fine line to this one. Naturally, a bottle of wine or two and your thoughts will slur as much as your speech. However, a glass of wine can help to improve cognitive function, in that the chemicals in the red wine prevent the brain’s neurons from dying. Think of it like an exercise for the brain! Let’s fight dementia and Alzheimer’s with wine!!!


3 – It’s good for the mind & the soul

Wine is great, there’s no two ways about it. It will be waiting patiently when you get home from work, ready to help you heal your hurts. It’s truly good for the soul because you feel so great when you drink it. The occasional bottle of wine can give you a nice and fuzzy feeling after a hard day. It helps you to forget the mundanity of life, and the stresses with work. We love wine!


4 – Healer of hearts


Red Wine & Picnic Blanket


A recent study (we love a recent study) from WebMD has found that “daily red wine consumption for 21 consecutive days significantly enhanced vascular endothelial function.” Now…we’re not exactly sure what that means, but apparently it means that drinking red wine improves the health of your blood vessels and promotes good blood flow to the heart. Cheers to that!



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