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How to Clean your Toilet Thoroughly

7 Steps Towards a Thoroughly Clean Toilet


Nobody likes cleaning their toilet, so it’s no wonder that it is often a job that either gets left undone for months and months on end, or even in some cases never at all. Well, in truth it’s not the trickiest of tasks and nor is it overly time consuming so ultimately there is no excuse not to do it. It’s icky, but what would you rather: A smelly, dirty toilet that is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria; or a clean, glistening, pearly white throne that you can be proud of? Follow these simple instructions for the most thorough and convenient way to clean your toilet.


First of all you’re going to need a few bits before you begin. Unless you want to give it a good scrub using nothing but your hands? No?


Gear Up:


  • Rubber Gloves (Preferably Yellow, Pink if necessary)
  • A Toilet Brush (You should already have one of these already, if not, shame on you)
  • Bleach or purpose toilet cleaner
  • Disinfectant
  • A sponge with light scour-pad
  • “Eye of the Tiger” playing in the background


Lady Cleaning Toilet Bowl


Step 1: First things first let’s begin with the toilet pan itself. Struggle with the child safety lid on the bleach for a short while and then pour it under the rim once you’ve got it open. You will notice the bleach slowly ease down the toilet. Wait a few moments before using your toilet brush to thoroughly scrub the pan. Work extra hard on the rim as this area is generally dirtier than the rest of the toilet. Once you’re satisfied I would leave the toilet to soak for 10 minutes or so.


Using Bleach to Clean Toilet


Step 2: Rather than go away and come back in 10 minutes, use this time to disinfect the outside of the toilet. Start at the top of the toilet and work your way down, and then use your sponge with some hot water to clear all of the disinfectant away.


Step 3: Now turn your attentions back to the pan. Get your toilet brush and really go to town on it now! The bleach and disinfectant will make the grime and dirt infinitely easier to clean off, though it is important that you really put your back into it when scrubbing away!


Step 4: Give the entire toilet a final wipe down, inside and out. Use your sponge to get into all of the nooks and crannies, particularly under the seat!


Step 5: Lie down on the bathroom floor like a starfish and catch your breath, you’ve just accomplished the hardest task you’ll have to undertake all day!


Step 6: Pour yourself a glass of wine.


Lady Drinking Big Glass of Wine


Step 7: Resent everyone in your house for using the toilet after all of your hard work! (They don’t know what you’ve been through)


And remember: keep it clean! The more often you clean your toilet the easier it will be. If you leave it for too long, it will just be harder and more disgusting when you eventually get round to doing it again. Nobody likes a manky toilet, especially if you have guests over.




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