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Baby Nursery Building Tips

6 Tips to Remember when Building your Baby Nursery


Bathrooms and More Store are dedicated to transforming your home, and that includes outside the bathroom too! And what better a time to transform your home than when you’re expecting a baby? Nesting is an important part of life, and there is no finer feeling in the world than putting the last finishing touches on a new bathroom renovation, or in this case; a nursery for your baby.

Mothers and Fathers, relax for a moment! Planning a nursery is an exciting experience, so try not to stress too much, as you already have a million and one other things to think about. Hopefully our 5 top tips on what to keep in mind when transforming your spare bedroom into a nursery will help take a load off. Bear in mind that these aren’t ground breaking tips that are going to change your life, but after reading this article you will certainly feel a little more prepared for what to expect over the coming months.


Be mindful of your measurements

Unless you’re unborn baby is lucky enough to nab the master bedroom, you’ll likely be working with a relatively small space. And let’s be honest, it’s not as though a newborn is exactly going to need a massive bedroom right? That being said, it is still very important that you pay close attention to how much space you have available to you. It’s all very well buying a crib, a nappy changing facility, a toy chest and a rocking horse; but is it all going to fit? Oak Baby Changer & Storage Cabinet

Check out our Amelie Oak Changer / Chest of Drawers for example – a purpose built, child proofed piece of furniture that serves more than one purpose! All you need is a changing pad and already you’re saving yourself space and money (See tip #2)



Now is as an irrefutably important time for you to be worrying about money, or rather; not so much worrying but being mindful at the very least. As mentioned in tip one, opting for something like a chest of drawers / baby changer combo is a great way to start. You can also save yourself a lot of money by doing much of the DIY yourself. You could always pay a professional painter and decorator of course, but would you rather not save your money and savor the experience of doing it yourself, or with your partner? Its a lot more fun than you think, just don’t sit and wait for the paint to dry.


Invest in chair for breastfeeding

OK so a moment ago I was telling you to be mindful of what you spend and now here I am suggesting that you buy a chair for breastfeeding. Hear me out! One thing you should know (particularly to the mothers reading this) – If you do plan to breastfeed your child then you will be spending an awful lot of time at home doing so, so you’re going to need a comfortable place to sit. The best place for this is in the nursery, particularly when feeding before bedtime. Not only that but a comfortable chair will also be a great place for cuddling and reading as your baby grows.



Urgh…You won’t believe how much crap baby’s come with! It’s almost as though they fall out of your lugging a couple of suitcases. When transforming your spare room into a nursery it is definitely important to ensure that you have plenty of storage. Check out our Amelie Oak Toy / Blanket Box

Oak Toy Storage Box

You will receive a wealth of toys for your baby, many of which you’ll have to tuck away until they’re old enough to use them so a large chest like this is a great way to keep all of your baby’s bits and bobs out of the way while being easily accessible.


Babyproof it!

Sure, this one goes without saying, but it is really something that you need to be super careful of. You have to remember that your baby will soon be rolling around like a worm, and then before you know it that worm will becoming a toddler and start tearing around like a crazed monkey grabbing and yanking everything in sight. Most children’s furniture will be baby proofed with stoppers for the drawers and rounded edges to soften the blow when your child inevitably headbutts it; but be thorough with double checking before going ahead with any purchases. Make sure that any furniture is fixed to the wall so as to prevent your child from getting crushed, and it may also be wise to have any wires tucked well out of the way.


Colour and Lighting

Opt for calming colours for your baby, given that much of yours and their time is going to be spent in there trying to get to sleep (or rather you trying to get them to sleep) If you opt for a neutral wall colour, then it can be accented with decorations and you can change and evolve as your baby grows up without having to strip and re-do the room every single time. Also, invest in a bedside table though again; make sure that the wires are kept out of reach! And finally, you must ensure that you fit the window with black our curtains or blinds – You will thank yourself for it when you need to put your baby down for a nap during the day; being able to make the nursery dark no matter what time of day it is is very important and undeniably handy.



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