Toilet Seat Troubles? Here’s How to Replace It Like a Pro

If you’re experiencing a loose or broken toilet seat, you are probably infuriated and want to find out how to fix it. 

Although this may not seem like much of a problem at first, it can cause some serious concerns as the cracks can become a breeding ground for bacteria, or you can get into an accident and cause some serious injury to yourself.

Replacing one is a simple DIY project that can be done with minimal tools and experience. Not only will it improve the appearance and functionality of your toilet, but it can also help prevent leaks and conserve water. This post will walk you through the process step-by-step, providing tips and tricks to make the replacement as smooth and easy as possible. 

Types of toilet

Before we start, let’s look at some of the types of toilets in the UK. They mostly come in a round, D-Like or square shape such as this one:

April C/C Open Back WC & Wrapover S/C Seat

  1. Standard toilets are the most common type and are typically made from plastic or wood. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit most bathrooms and can be easily installed with screws or bolts.
  2. Slow-close: These feature a special hinge mechanism that allows them to close slowly and quietly, preventing slamming and reducing noise.
  3. Soft-close: Similar to slow-close toilets, these seats also feature a hinge mechanism that allows them to close slowly and quietly. The difference is that they are made of a softer material that provides extra comfort and cushioning. These can come in a round and square shape with slim or compact options:

Moon BTW WC & Standard Soft Close Seat

4. Raised seats: These are designed for people with mobility issues or disabilities, and raise the seating height of the toilet by several inches. They are typically made from plastic and are easy to install.

5. Luxury: These are designed for the higher end of the market, they are typically made from solid wood or plastic with a premium finish and a variety of additional features like a built-in bidet, heating, and even audio systems. 

At BMS, we provide a plethora of toilets, check out this one that comes with a touch of luxury made from high quality materials and a sleek rimless design :

May Rimless C/C Fully Shrouded WC & S/C Seat

One cannot complain about spending some time here scrolling on their phone. Why not check out these 17 incredible toilet facts the next time you’re in one of these opulent seats?

Ultimately, the type of toilet you choose will depend on your personal preferences, budget, and household needs. 

Do toilet seats come in standard sizes?

Since there isn’t a standard size for all toilets, it’s always important to measure the seat before shopping for a replacement part. Not all fit the same, and there are different types of toilet seats, so make sure you know which is the right one.

What materials do you need?

Before beginning the replacement process, you need to gather all of the necessary materials and tools. These will vary depending on the type of toilet seat you have, but in general, you’ll need:

  • Screwdriver: You’ll need a flathead screwdriver to remove the plastic caps that cover the nuts.
  • Hardware: Some toilets come with the necessary hardware for installation, while others may require additional hardware to be purchased separately. 
  • Plumber’s tape or silicone sealant (Optional but recommended) will help to secure the seat and prevent leaks.
  • Adjustable wrench (Optional) for removing nuts and bolts.
  • Replacement parts (Optional) if your toilet seat is not a one-piece and has parts that need to be replaced(such as nuts or bolts) then you need to buy them separately.

You can pick up these materials at any DIY shop in the UK like B&Q, Maxwells or Homebase at an affordable price. 

By having all the equipment prepared, the replacement process will be much smoother and you’ll be able to fit a toilet seat in no time. 

Hygienic Tips

You need to wear cleaning gloves made of rubber and clean the old toilet seat before putting on its replacement. Because there are so many harmful germs in toilets, it is critical to use an anti-bacterial spray to clean and don’t forget to wash your hands after!

How to replace a toilet seat?

The first step is to remove the old one. To do this, you’ll need to unscrew the nuts that hold it in place. You can use a screwdriver or an adjustable wrench for this. Once the nuts are removed, you can lift off the old seat and discard it.

How to fit a new toilet seat?

Once the old seat is removed, you can start installing the new one. Place the new seat on top of the toilet bowl and make sure it fits properly. If necessary, adjust the hinges to fit your toilet bowl. 

Next, attach the nuts and bolts that come with the seat to secure it in place. Make sure they are tight enough so that there is no movement when you sit on it .

Finally, you can apply plumber’s tape or silicone sealant around the edges of the seat to prevent any leaks. This is an optional step but it is recommended for a better seal.

Once everything is in place, you can test out your new seat and enjoy its comfort. 

You might like to watch this video guide for more help: 

Perhaps you might also be interested in giving your bathroom a little makeover after replacing your old wobbly toilet seat. You can start with adding some bathroom furniture or vanity units

 Closing thoughts

Replacing a toilet seat may seem like an intimidating task, but with the right tools and knowledge it can be done in no time. With these steps, you should now know how to replace your old toilet seat like a professional. If you’re looking for more tips on home improvement or bathroom decorating ideas, reach out to us – we’d love to help!



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