The Ultimate Guide to Unclogging Your Shower Drain

Clogged drains can potentially cause some serious damage as water seeps through the shower joints, and before you know it, your bathroom is flooding. Fortunately, you can overcome this with some of the solutions provided in this guide, so keep reading to find out how.

What are the reasons for clogged shower drains?

Before you start to unclog, first inspect what is causing the blockage by pulling out the plug or removing the chrome cover. Here are some of the things that can be caught in your drainage system:

A. Hair and soap scum accumulation: Hair clogs and soap scum buildup are two of the most prevalent reasons. When hair and soap get together, they can make a thick blockage that is hard to get rid of.

How to unblock hair from the shower drain?

You can do it for yourself by removing the drain cover, manually removing any visible debris or hair from the top of the drain, or buying a plunger to try and dislodge the clog. 

B. Foreign items or debris: The presence of foreign objects or debris is another major reason. This might be anything from jewelleries to shattered tiles. These can easily become trapped, resulting in a difficult-to-remove clog.

C. Slow drainage due to pipe obstructions: This can happen if minerals like calcium and lime accumulate in the pipes. This form of obstruction can develop over time and may not be immediately apparent. However, if the obstruction worsens, the water in the shower will start to drain slowly. 

DIY methods

There are a variety of DIY methods available to quickly fix the problem.

1.Using a plunger: Using a plunger is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to unclog a shower drain. This works by producing suction, which can break up and eliminate clogs. 

To use a plunger, position the rubber cup onto the drain and push down firmly before swiftly pulling up to produce suction. Repeat this procedure until the obstruction is eliminated.

2.Using a snake auger : Using a snake auger is another do-it-yourself method. This is a long, flexible instrument which come with a tiny removing head and may be used to break apart and remove drain obstructions. 

3.High water pressure from the jetting hose can also be used to remove the debris causing the blocked drain. The nozzle effectively increases the water pressure to a point where it can move and clear any debris.

4.Using a commercial drain cleaner is another alternative. These items may be obtained at hardware or supermarket stores like ASDA for the cheapest price. 

Chemicals can be successful in breaking down and removing clogs; but, if not handled appropriately, they can be caustic and even deadly, as well as detrimental to pipes and the environment. It is critical to carefully read and follow the directions, and to use them in a well-ventilated location. 

Natural solution

Baking soda and vinegar mixture:  If you’re looking for a natural fix on how to clear a blocked shower drain, you may have heard about the baking soda and vinegar mixture simple solution. 

The chemical reaction of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) with vinegar (acetic acid) releases carbon dioxide, which aids in making the blockage loose. Pour one cup of baking soda, followed by one cup of white vinegar and allow the solution to settle for 30 minutes before flushing the drain with hot water.

Hot water

Pouring boiling water down a bath drain that is clogged can help loosen small things that are stuck in the drain. You can also use petroleum jelly or lubricant with it to loosen the clog so it flushes. 

It is important to note that using water at its boiling point can be damaging and cause distortion to pipe structures due to the heat, so always use water that has cooled down a bit. 

Other tools you can install for catching hair and other debris:

  • Drain screens
  • Drain cleaning coil
  • Plug hair unblocker
  • Drain protector

All these tools, which can be leased or purchased at hardware stores, are better for removing obstructions further down the line.

It’s crucial to remember that some shower drain blockages may be too tough to clear with DIY methods and may necessitate the services of a professional plumber. If you are unable to clear the clog or if you observe any damage to your pipes, it is thus recommended to contact a plumber.


Regular cleaning and maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance are one of the best strategies to avoid drainage problems from occurring. This includes cleaning the bathroom and drain regularly, as well as removing any hair or debris that may be present. It may also be helpful to apply a specific cleaner or hair dissolver to avoid accumulation.

Installing a shower drain strainer: These strainers are little devices that is put over the drain to trap hair and other debris before it enters and causes a clog. 

Avoiding the pouring of certain items down the drain: Certain materials should never be put down the drain since they might create blockages and pipe damage. Grease, oil, and harsh chemicals are examples of these. Additionally, aggressive cleaning chemicals should be avoided since they might harm the pipes over time.

Schedule frequent professional drain cleaning: Another strategy to avoid the problem is to schedule regular professional cleaning. A skilled plumber may use specialized tools and procedures to clean and maintain the pipes, eliminating any buildup and avoiding future obstructions.


The best way to unblock a shower drain depends on your needs. If you prefer to go through the DIY methods for simple blockages that’s also fine, however with more serious issues, it’s probably best to get a professional plumber. 

Keep in mind that early identification, prevention, and proper maintenance can save you from future difficulties and money. Nonetheless, you can always check back on this guide and follow the tips provided so you can get back to enjoying your showers.

Check with your Property Owner

Whether you are renting an apartment in the UK or elsewhere, always check for any piping destructions before you move in.  Some parts of the UK have older buildings so you want to ensure everything is still new and intact. Also, it is advisable to check in with the proper owners if you are responsible to pay the damages and costs incase you do happen to come across a clogged drain.



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