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Reasons Why You Should Make Time to Enjoy Hot Baths

10 reasons why you should enjoy a hot bath every now and again

The health benefits of a nice hot bath

1 – Moisturising our skin

While it feels a little stranger after spending a long while in a hot bath and your skin shrivels up like a raisin, believe it or not it’s actually very good for you. The effects that a hot bath has on your skin are incredibly beneficial as the warm water leaves the skin moist for longer and opens your pours. This prevents the skin from drying up and cracking which often happens when you have dry skin.

2 – Beneficial for easing cough or flu symptoms

The steam that rises from a hot bath can help towards drying out the mucus that accumulates in your throat which significantly reduces any ongoing coughing that you may have been struggling with. On top of that a hot bath can also greatly alleviate any flu symptoms too! All you need is a decent soak for ten to fifteen minutes in a nice hot bath and it can go a long way towards making you feel better while your body rids itself of the illness.

3 – It can help us feel better in ourselves

We all tend to underestimate just how much our body’s physical state affects our mood and overall levels of perceived anxiety. Life can be stressful at times and by taking a decent hot bath now and again, enjoying a relaxing soak and taking a few moments to unwind alone you will feel better physically, regain your confidence and feel a weight lifting off your shoulders almost instantaneously.

4 – Headaches be gone

Typically most headaches are caused by the narrowing of blood vessels within the head. The benefits of hot water on our blood vessels is huge and can work wonders toward alleviating much of the pressure on those blood vessels rendering you feeling less strain and more relaxed.

5 – Cleaner skin

A common misconception is that taking a bath is dirty since we lie in our own filth, however the hot water from a bath opens the pours in our skin which allows a more deeper and thorough cleanse of any dirt and toxins.

6 – Shift some weight

Studies show that people who suffer from diabetes can reduce their levels of sugar and glucose in the blood by taking a long, hot bath. Participants in this study bathed for 20-30 mins, 6 days a week and lost around two and a half pounds. Never mind going for a run! Have a bath instead.

7 – Lower your blood pressure

Soaking in a hot bath can lower your blood pressure as well; this is particularly helpful to those who suffer from any form of heart condition – just be sure to consult your doctor first though as a hot bath will also raise the rate of your heartbeat.

8 – Keep in shape

There is no better way to relieve the tension from over-stretched muscles than a relaxing, long and hot soak in the bath. It’s also great for joint pain too; a great way to unwind after physical activity.


9 – Sleep easier

Soaking in hot water is a great way to relax the body as upon entering the bath your body goes through some changes. As your body temperature increases your muscles begin to relax which prepares the body for falling asleep after a long, hard day – just don’t fall asleep in the bath!!!

10 – Improved circulation

Submerging your body in hot water up to the neck is a work out for the heart. While you’re not putting your body under too much pressure the heart does work faster and stronger. It’s a great way to gently exercise your heart without causing yourself too much strain. A few drips in a hot bath a week is a great way to stay healthy!




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