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A Healthier Way To Go About Ones Business That Not Many People Know About

Feeling Constipated? Invest in a Squatting Stool for a Healthier Toilet Experience

Toilet Squatting Stool

In the Western world, we like to believe that we’re always right, however the reality is that that’s not the case. Sure, we have a great quality of life and we certainly have access to a wealth of incredible gadgets and toys, but how healthy and happy are we?

For most people today, going to the toilet is more about checking our emails than it is actually evacuating the waste from your body. Instead it tends to come out in the form of a poorly written Facebook status! And yes, our sewage systems are excellent, we have many wonderful, fancy toilets, but contrary to what you might believe; sitting on your toilet can cause a number of health issues.

In this post we’re going to look at the problems that come with sitting on a regular toilet, and why it might be worth looking into investing in a “squatting toilet stool”. They’re a simple and easy to use device which allows you to prop your legs up while you go to the toilet, positioning your colon into the appropriate angle, thus allowing you to evacuate your bowels effectively. Sounds lovely, right?

1 – Alleviate Constipation

Many people in the western world suffer from constipation, and struggle to go to the toilet properly. Some of this might be due to dietary reasons, though for the most part it comes from incorrect positioning when going to the toilet. So, rather than suffering through it, or dosing up with laxatives, perhaps a squatting stool might be worth exploring?

2 – Avoid Haemorrhoids

If you frequently find yourself straining on the toilet, then you need to check your positioning. Haemorrhoids are caused by putting unnecessary pressure on the bowels and anus, causing the veins the stretch and swell. Understandably, this is quite an uncomfortable topic to read about, though you can rest assured that the experience itself is far worse.

3 – Colon Disease and Cancer

If you want to remain healthy later in life, then you must ensure that you are eliminating the waste in your body thoroughly and effectively. Unfortunately, with sitting on a regular toilet you will often find that you aren’t emptying your bowels completely, or that you have to strain in order to do so. Again, a squatting stool will help significantly towards evacuating the waste from your body and maintaining a healthy colon.

4 – Avoiding Pelvic Floor Problems

Many pelvic floor issues both in men and women can be caused by poor positioning on the toilet. The pelvic floor offers support for the pelvic organs, including the bowel and bladder; afford your pelvic floor the support it needs to maintain a healthy body.

5 – Urinary Infections

Specifically, for women, urinating when squatting is significantly easier. This creates a stronger and easier flow, significantly reducing the chances of contracting any urinary infections. So go on, pop a squat.



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