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The Final Curtain?

The shower curtain might seem like the last thing on your mind when planning your new bathroom. But it isn’t just a practical way to keep water off your floor. Your choice in shower curtain is as important as your … Continue reading

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Bathroom Organisation 101

The bathroom is often overlooked when it comes to home organisation; an idea that is almost inexcusable considering how useful it is. For those living in homes with more than one bathroom, forgetting about upkeep may be fine every now … Continue reading

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Deals of The Week

We have some fantastic deals on this week! Here’s our top 3…

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Brand Old You

Another great trend of the year is recycling. It’s not just about separating paper from tinned goods. You can create brand new decorative fixtures using old furnishings. What better way to give a room that personal touch?

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Light up your Life

Lights don’t just help you find your way. They also set a mood and can be as decorative as the furnishings and the tiling in your bathroom. Why keep splashing out on candles? With the flick of a switch you … Continue reading

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Dyson Does it Again!

Here at Bathrooms and More we are big fans of making things simple and easy. If they can be stylish too, well that’s a huge bonus! With this line of thought, you can understand why we so admire Mr James … Continue reading

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Pop in some Colour

It may be winter but keep your spirits heightened by adding some bright décor to your home. A splash of colour will enhance features in any living space, whilst highlighting your creative flare.

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A Certain Romance

In case you had managed to miss the giant red hearts, special offer roses and champagne adorning every shop window you pass, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Many of us lead hectic lives and heading out for an evening of fine … Continue reading

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The Rustic Touch – Bringing the Outside In

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors then why not follow the massive trend of the year by bringing the outside in? The use of raw materials can create an eco-friendly and individual statement utilising features that are unique … Continue reading

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White on White – Neutral Styling

Although many of this seasons trends place focus on bold and vibrant neon colours; crisp white and soft neutrals are timeless and classic. Today we take a look at clean and minimal bathroom decor.

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One for the Kids

Making bath time fun and easy for little ones can seem like a battle! Try adding vibrant colours and fun accessories to your bathroom. Today we look at a round-up of our favourite new products, available now.

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A Grand Entrance – Stylish Doors

Doors are often overlooked when considering your interior design, usually seen merely as functional room features. But doors can be used to add colour and style as well as functionality.

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