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16 Interesting and Surprising Facts about Bathrooms

16 interesting and surprisingly useless facts about bathrooms

If you are reading this but you are not sat on the toilet then you need to stop what you’re doing and put a pin in this until later. Learning all of these bathroom facts will be a waste of time unless you’re actually sat on the toilet taking care of business. I’m not really sure when you may be in a situation where you will need to rely on this trivia, but it’s better to be safe than sorry right? Now, are you ready to learn 16 useless bathroom facts? Then let’s begin!

The average toilet will last for up to 50 years before it needs replacing – This brings a whole new depth and meaning to the phrase: “I’ve seen some shit in my time.”

In America, over 4.7 billion gallons of water is used every day by flushing toilets.

There are more outhouses in Alaska than any other state. Apparently not even the bitter cold will deter Alaskan’s from taking their business outside.

Greek mythological figure: Agamemnon and French political theorist: Jean-Paul Marat, were both murdered in their own bathtubs by women – needless to say they were clean deaths.

On average, men spend 11 minutes in the shower, whereas women take 13 – What goes on during those extra 2 minutes will forever remain a mystery.

The most requested care package item by U.S troops in Saudi Arabia is toilet roll – Never mind what the heart wants…

In America, The Pentagon uses 666 rolls of toilet paper on an average day – I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

Italian beauty and Actress, Sophia Loren received a 14-karat gold toilet seat from her late husband for her 40th birthday – Which just so happened to be the one and only instance throughout history where a man bought his wife a toilet seat for her birthday and lived to see his own.

Trains didn’t have toilets before the 1850’s – Which begs to question: what on earth did they do before hand?

American Joseph Gayetty invented toilet paper in 1857 – That’s a lot of grateful bottoms.

Buculets are those little bumpers on the underside of your toilet seat – Because I know that you’ve always wondered.

Most toilets flush in E flat – Do Re Mi So Flush La Dee Daaa!

Odds of being injured by a toilet seat in your lifetime: 1 in 6,500 – You best watch your ass!

In Singapore you can be fined $150 for leaving a public toilet unflushed – This law is enforced by a special unit called: The Poo Patrol. (I may have made the last part up)

The average baby spends roughly 27.5 months in nappies – That’s 27.5 months of being able to poo wherever and whenever you want…ah, those were simpler times.

One large oak tree can drink as much as three bathtubs worth of water in a day – So think of all those thirsty trees before you pull the plug next time!

And there we have it. Do you feel enlightened? Good. Now, it’s time to wipe your bottom on get on with your life. Go forth with these 16 useless facts and share what you have learned the next time you’re sat in a public toilet stall to clear the air a little



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