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10 Bathroom Habits That Need To Be Stopped

10 Yucky Bathroom Habits That You New To Stop Today!


The Bathroom is our own private haven where we can shut off from the world and be on our own for a little while. However, there are little habits and rituals that we have picked up, which we should endeavour to do away with. Would you like to clean up your act? Check out these terrible habits and see what you can do to change them


1 – Checking Your Emails and Making Phone Calls


OK, so every now and again it can’t be helped if you’re on the loo and an important phone call comes in. Though how many times have you sat and responded to calls or emails whilst dropping the kids off? We’re all guilty of it, but when you stop to think about it, it’s actually rather unhygienic!


Make time for your phone outside of the bathroom. Not only is the bathroom teeming with bacteria, but you should also be using that time to unwind and disconnect from the world. Turn it off and slow it down!


2 – Leaving the Toilet Lid Up When Pulling the Flush


Studies have found that when flushing the toilet, water drops can reach as far as six feet away from your toilet; not to mention all of the poo particles that are thrown into the air! Keeping the lid closed significantly reduces the potential mess and spreading of germs. Just be certain to quickly check after flushing to make sure you’ve not left anything unsavoury for the next person to discover.


3 – Leaving the Tap Running When Brushing


Arguably the most common habit of all, which is incredibly wasteful. Think about the amount of time you spend brushing your teeth in a day, then times that by 365 and you’ve wasted an awful lot of water. It’s a simple habit to fix – turn the tap off.


4 – Not Washing Your Hands Properly/At All


No, running your hands under cold water is not washing them, and neither is wiping them on your clothes. You need to wet your hands, lather them thoroughly and then rinse under warm water. Following that, dry your hands properly. If you want to reduce the number of germs that you’re carrying around with you, it’s a really simple fix.


5 – Hanging Wet Towels


When you’re finished with your towel, rather than throw it in a bundle on the floor, or clumsily hang it on a hook, lay it out over a towel rail or your radiator. If you do this and endeavour to do so without any folds in the towel, it was dry out properly without excess germs building up. It may sound silly to some of you, but hang-drying your towel is less effective and unhygienic.


6 – Spending too Much Time in the Bathroom


This point is particularly important for anyone who shares a house. Unless you’re taking a bath, you needn’t take much longer than 15 minutes in the bathroom. Of course, if you let people know that you’re going to be taking a nice, long bath then that’s fine, as it gives people the opportunity to quickly jump in before you. Just be conscious of how long you’re spending in the shower. How much of that time is actually spent washing, as opposed to staring at the wall recalling all of your embarrassing memories? Save water, save money, save time!


7 – Holding onto Your Sponge for too Long


This is yet another common bathroom habit which is incredibly unhygienic. You should be replacing your sponge or loofah at least once a month! Think about it, no matter how much you ring them out after use, they’re going to retain moisture. Which means, they’ll be teeming with bacteria before long. The whole point of taking a shower is to get clean, so if you really want to stay hygienic, you don’t want to be rubbing yourself with a sponge that’s been in the shower for the last 3 months!


8 – Not Storing Your Toothbrush Properly


It sounds silly, but the way that you store your toothbrush is more important than you think. Leaving it laid out on the sink is not ideal, given the number of germs that it can pick up when it’s exposed. (Particularly if you leave the toilet lid up when flushing!) Find yourself an appropriate toothbrush holder so that it can stand vertical and dry out properly, ensuring that it’s kept well away from the toilet!


9 – Leaving Make-Up Lying Around in the Bathroom


Ok, so not only is this incredibly annoying for all of the men living in the house, trying to fight their way to the sink through a pile of make-up and applicators, but it is also rather unhygienic. Yes, the bathroom is often the best place for doing make-up as there’s generally more natural light, however, it is also a breeding ground for bacteria, with more moisture in the air. Store your make-up in a proper case and tuck it away in a cupboard or vanity unit. Easy!


10 – Flushing Tampons or Sanitary Towels


Yes, we’re guilty of leaving the toilet seat up from time to time, but ladies; flushing your lady products down the toilet is harmful for the environment and entirely unnecessary. Wrap them and put them in a bin and empty it regularly and we promise, we’ll try to leave the seat down for you more often.



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