Pop in some Colour

It may be winter but keep your spirits heightened by adding some bright décor to your home. A splash of colour will enhance features in any living space, whilst highlighting your creative flare.

Colour Pop - Bright Bedroom

Rather than hiding from, embrace clashing colours. Purple is complemented by yellow and orange. Red works very well with turquoise. Whilst green and yellow are perfectly partnered.

Colour Pop - Cupboard

Don’t go overboard though! Experiment with different colours to find that winning combination. With a sweet shop selection of colours out there, it’s essential you choose wisely.

Colour Pop - Living Room

Using black, white or wood furnishings provides a blank canvass for your creativity. It boosts your colourful arrangement providing an eye-catching living room, dining room or bathroom.

Colour Pop - Bathrooms and More

Kudos Large Coffee Table with Shelf

Colour Pop - Bathrooms and More

Mobel Solid Oak Large Hidden Office Twin Pedestal Desk

If you’re not feeling brave enough to pick ‘n’ mix colours, there are other ways of brightening up any room. Choosing a neutral tone along with one luminous colour will still bring your room to life. Remember to use it sparingly or you’ll overwhelm visitors.

Colour Pop - Neutral and Bold

Has this inspired you to create your own colour pop masterpiece? Head to the store to find your own blank canvass.

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