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Bathrooms and More than just a store! – Let us help you transform your house into a home


While our speciality may be in Bathrooms, the team at BMS are passionate about beautiful furniture, full stop! Our aim is to help our valued customers transform their entire homes into that of their dreams. Every single room in the house serves its own unique purpose, and so we strive to provide you with a vast selection of quality and unique furniture to furnish your home with.


Here you will find a directory to all of our various furniture ranges; we have all manner of styles from the rustic urban look to the modern and contemporary designs. Whether you are expecting a new addition to the family and would like to transform that spare bedroom into a warming and welcoming playroom, or you’re exercising a new lifestyle and working from home in your freshly decorated office: Bathrooms and More Store will certainly be able to help you find the perfect furniture to suit your tastes and desires.


All of the wood for our furniture is sourced from managed and sustainable plantations so you can rest assured that you are purchasing high quality, environmentally friendly furniture in good conscience. Have a browse and see if you can find something to help breathe a little class into your home.



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