The Rustic Touch – Bringing the Outside In

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors then why not follow the massive trend of the year by bringing the outside in? The use of raw materials can create an eco-friendly and individual statement utilising features that are unique to your home.

Rustic Bathroom Ideas - Antler Mirror

It only takes a couple of additional pieces to create that nature-inspired look for your bathroom interior. Simple use of dark wood contrasted against bright white tiles and bathroom fixtures provides a reminiscent yet contemporary feel to your home. Materials such as stone and travertine give an earthy, rustic touch.

Travertine Sink from Bathrooms and More Store
Travertine Round Bathroom Basin Tap & Plug

If you’re feeling really adventurous, you could recycle items found outside like old railway sleepers, driftwood or even shells from the beach to give a nautical edge.

Rustic Ideas - Railway Sleeper

Rustic Ideas - Bathroom Shells

Why not add plants to your bathroom? The vaporous conditions will make them easily manageable whilst the green leaves of the plant will work well with the natural tones and bright white tiling. There’s no need to go creating a jungle! A subtle introduction of a few plants or one eye-catching piece of greenery will help to make your bathroom more welcoming.

Natural Bathroom - Bathroom Plants

Bathrooms & More - Rustic Bathroom Ideas
Cream Marble Top Cream Marble Basin

Complete the look with candles in the shape of pine cones or feature woven wicker baskets littered with potpourri. This will also add a pleasant aroma. You could even accessorise by using antlers as a toilet roll holder or feature bird print in the shower curtain, which will also add a splash of colour.

Rustic Ideas - Bathroom Potpourri

Is this the type of décor that gets your natural instincts buzzing? The room for creativity is endless but to help you get started, check out the furnishings available in Bathrooms & More.



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