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Check out our stunning bathroom wash basins that are both practical and easy on the eye.

One of the most fundamental features in any bathroom is of course, the wash basin – without one you’d have to resort to washing your hands and face in the toilet which I wouldn’t recommend. The exciting thing about selecting a new wash basin to feature in your bathroom is the fact that not only is it a practical essentiality, but it can also double up as a beautiful vanity feature as well. (Depending on the style and material that you roll with) For example, the most common wash basin to be found in your average bathroom is the ceramic standalone basin. While these are suitable, practical and they serve the purpose effectively while being easy to clean and maintain; they’re not the most exciting of features. And I know that you’re probably wondering how on earth anyone could possibly find anything exciting about a wash basin – but if you take a look at one of our Travertine Round Bathroom Basins for example, you will notice a significant aesthetic appeal:

This gorgeous, sandy-travertine wash basin is as stylish as it is stunningly authentic and would fit well in almost any style of bathroom design due to its neutral colours and minimalistic appeal. As you can see from its naturally beautiful patterns this wash basin is in itself an aesthetically desirable vanity item. The material is incredibly durable making this wash basin easy to maintain and keep clean, free of lime scale. It is certainly something that is worth bearing in consideration when you are looking into furnishing your new bathroom or for your renovation. Have a shop around and browse through our wares as there are wealth of delightful and affordable bathroom wash basins that are a step up from your bog-standard wash basins that can be found in the average bathroom all over the world.

Surprise your friends, family and guests when they find a stunningly furnished bathroom with a stylish and unique wash basin that will certainly make an impact. Install something worth talking about and transform your bathroom into an enviable haven that inspires tranquillity and relaxation via the feng-shui of unique and well-designed furnishing.

For example we have this Ceramic Oblong Bathroom Basin: this rectangular basin is smooth with a gracious curve to it making it aesthetically easy on the eye. On top of that, ceramic is one of the most common materials used in the bathroom as it is incredibly durable and easy to maintain. There is certainly much more to a bathroom renovation than you’d have originally anticipated and as time goes on you will discover more ways to create the best possible environment for your home. Bathrooms and more have a variety of wonderful items that are priced rather competitively so that our customers can afford to implement any style or design that they desire.