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The benefits of ceramic as a material for your bathroom wash basins

While there are a large variety of different materials that can be used to produce wash basins for the kitchen and bathroom, ceramic has always been the most popular and recognisable option. Many people look at ceramic and find it to be rather drab and unexciting and for the most part I am inclined to agree; ceramic isn’t all that exciting – in fact a wash basin in itself isn’t exactly something to get all that hyped up about though when renovating your bathroom it is paramount that you select the most viable material to suit your needs.

One of the biggest advantages for using ceramic is that it is incredibly robust and resistant to extreme temperatures. While this isn’t necessarily always applicable to bathrooms; its durability and natural predisposition to resist shocks and scratches certainly pulls it back. On top of that ceramic is one of the more hygienic materials as it does not take on flavours or smells and requires very little time and effort to clean and maintain.

When you look at certain other materials cleaning and maintaining them can become quite a nuisance – especially when scratches begin to form in the basin, deepening over time into cracks allowing dirt and germs to form up and multiply. Not only that but certain other materials can begin to stain over time, whereas with ceramic, if cleaned regularly this can be avoided entirely.

Working to a tight budget? Ceramic both practical and competitively priced

One of the most fundamental and ultimately game-changing benefits to using ceramic when selecting which material to use for your bathroom is budget. The best part about ceramic on top of all of its other benefits is that it is competitively priced and more often than not, much cheaper than most other materials. So if you’re on a bit of a budget and you’re looking for the quickest and easiest option then ceramic is most certainly for you. At Bathrooms and more we have a selection of top quality ceramic wash basins that are also incredible easy on the eye, which is important if you’d like for your bathroom to look modern and sleek upon completion. While there are arguably more aesthetically pleasing materials out there on the market, it all depends on where your priorities lie and what sort of style you are going for.

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