Roadie Chic Range of Quality Furniture, Bookcases, Tables & More

The Exclusively Unique Roadie Chic Range – Salvaged wood brought back to life as modern furniture


The creatively eye-catching and sensational Roadie Chic Range is constructed entirely from salvaged wood. Being advocates of the natural world Bathrooms and More believe in sustainable living! This means that every piece of wood is salvaged and recycled and then transformed into furniture by skilled craftsmen. The furniture is so uniquely flawed that no two items are the same – this means that every single item of furniture in this range is entirely original!


The funky furniture comes with chunky wheels that are a distinctive style feature that not only make the stylish items memorable but also practical in that they are easily moved around (and locked into place for safety)


The reinforced aluminium edges breathe an air of urban edge while lending structural solidarity. The wood is finished with a delightfully resilient satin lacquer finish rendering is hardwearing while emphasising the beautiful character of the grain.


This daring and outlandish furniture range is solidly constructed and requires no assembly whatsoever – to top it all off you can have it delivered directly to your door at no extra charge. Get involved today and place your order!



Roadie Chic

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