Leverage Lockdown to Level Up Your Home

If the number of TikTok and other social media videos are anything to go by, people are incredibly bored at home. The lockdown has helped stem the tide of infections but does not take away the fact that most people have more time on their hands than they know what to do with. 

Even those that are working from home no longer have to contend with lengthy commuting hours. So the challenge now faced is on how to fill up those hours with productive activities. For homeowners, this is a great opportunity to finally get down to executing those long-desired home renovation ideas.

Home remodels do not have to be massive undertakings with work crews traipsing all over your property. During a pandemic, not many would welcome the idea of strangers coming in. Thankfully, multiple design ideas can be brought to life by a single person and the right tools.

Here are our top budget-friendly remodelling ideas for homeowners looking to make productive use of their time in levelling up their homes.

·      Make Repairs

The first step to upgrading your home should begin with taking stock of its current condition. Go round every room and note areas that may need some repair. From a cracked tile to a loose drawer pull and dripping faucet, there are likely many areas that can be quickly fixed up.

Many fixes require just the use of a tool or material that may be in your shed.

·      Update Fixtures

This refers to the small components support bigger pieces of furniture and amenities around the home some of the easiest fixtures that a homeowner can update around the house include taps, drawer pulls, doorknobs, light switches, and fittings. Many of these can be affordably upgraded as they are low-cost items that can be bought online or in hardware stores.

As small as they are, even hardware on cabinets and drawers can give the entire furniture a new look. New lampshades and lighting fixtures can also be reasonably bought and make for a modern feel. For anything electronic, seek out energy-saving options that provided the added benefit of lower utility bills.

·      Paint Job

Giving your interiors or exterior a fresh coat of paint will probably provide the most impact. A different shade can totally change the feel of a room, making it seem brighter and more spacious or cosier and intimate.

Whichever direction you wish to go with this, all it takes is the right tools and a steady hand. Do note that neutral colours are trending as they tend to have the most appeal. Warm and soft shades will help to make rooms more inviting and relaxing.

·      Brighten Up Your Bathroom and Kitchen

Painting can be a good way to liven up your bathroom or kitchen. You can do even more by adding a backsplash. There are many interesting designs of panels and tiles you can use to make this a focal point of the room.

If you do not want to change your tile but it looks dull, consider re-grouting. This will refresh the look and give a cleaner appearance. Polishing exposed metal fixtures is another low-cost way of making a room look newer.

If you have cupboard space, consider repainting them. If you prefer the wood look, you can opt to reface and make a change to the hardware while at it. Consider installing task lighting that will add a lovely glow the room. You can even opt to remove the cupboard doors entirely. This can be a good way to make the room feel more spacious and minimalistic. Look at upgrading your basin and vanity units to help complete the refresh.

·      Boost Curb Appeal

If you have a front yard or drive, this could be a good chance to make it more attractive. From planting flowers and ornamental shrubs to giving your drive a power wash, there are several ways you can improve on what people first see when they visit. It is also noteworthy that this type of update can help when trying to find a buyer for the house.

·      Create Storage Spaces

With many people studying and working from home, there has likely been an uptick in clutter. To help keep things organised, consider converting your small exposed walls and corners into storage spaces. There is an array of bookcases, cupboards, chest of drawers, and sideboards of varying dimensions you can likely fit into your spaces and use to keep your belongings properly.

Keep in mind that whatever project you decide to take up, preparation is key. Consider all the tools and materials you will need, write out a list, and arrange to either have them delivered or buy them all on a single shopping trip. The lockdown is to limit the mixing and movement of people. Adhere to prescribed instructions to avoid unnecessarily exposing yourself to infection.



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