Aftercare & Installation: How to look after your item

How To Look After Your Item


All our oak bathroom unit’s come with a lacquered finish, we strongly recommend that all wooden worktops are coated with a satin yacht vanish prior to use to keep them looking as good as new and protected from water that can splash out the basin and sit. The yacht varnish will take best if the worktop is given a light sand prior to applying. The front and sides of the oak unit should be regularly waxed to ensure that water does not penetrate and damage the oak units finish. After use we recommend wiping dry the oak worktop to make sure water is not on it, failure to do this may cause marking to the surface over time.


It is also strongly recommended that any oak unit supplied with a marble worktop or marble basin is coated with a stone sealer and colour intensifier, the inside and outside of the basin should be sealed. Stone sealant is readily available from most DIY stores, please contact us for further details on 0151 647 4392. Sealing all stone will prevent it from being porous and will help to ensure that the stones finish remains protected from staining keeping it looking as good as new for the lifetime of your unit.


Regular polishing of any of our solid hardwood furniture with wax should also help to protect further the finish of your piece, we do not advise the use of spray furniture polishes.


Please remember that all our furniture is made from natural solid hard wood and as such grains and shades may vary and often high quality wood filler is utilised to complete the build, this is a normal process used in manufacture and is not a fault. Your furniture may have travelled many miles and occasionally slight movement may occur, drawers may not open smoothly as may doors be slightly stiff to close, this will settle down once the item is within the home under maintained temperature levels.


Please also take into account that natural stone has taken millions of years to form making each piece unique, this means it will vary in colour, texture and marking. Marble will show “veins” in varying concentrations and colour where Granite may show small mineral flecks. This is not a fault but part of natures beauty. Often small amounts of filler is used to create a smoother surface to the stone, again this is a normal part of the manufacturing process and is not deemed a fault, this is carried out by experts and will not be obvious. We may think of natural stone as a hard material but it is in fact porous so to prevent stains from being absorbed you must seal the stone with a quality impregnating sealer, again easily sourced at most good DIY stores, this will prevent most spills from damaging it.


Clean natural stone on a regular basis with warm water and a clean, non-abrasive cloth. Do not use general purpose cleaners or you may damage the stone or the sealer applied. Do not use products that contain lemon, vinegar or other acids as these may etch the stone surface and damage the polish. Do not use scouring powders or creams; these products contain abrasives that may scratch the surface. We are always available to advise before and after sales on the care of our units and we have a wealth of knowledge about our products so please do not hesitate to contact us anytime via phone on 0151 647 4392 or email [email protected].


Plumbing & Installation: Please be aware that as all bathroom plumbing differs most bathroom vanity units on the market today will need to be adapted to fit your specific requirements in some way, with this in mind some of our solid oak units will also need to be adapted in some way to accommodate your own specific pipework, the unit itself is supplied fully assembled and not flat packed for this purpose, the bowls taps and plugs are supplied separately as is a stone worktop for protection during transportation and for ease of access upon delivery however they simply need putting in place upon installation by a plumber, unlike most bathroom vanity units on the market made from chipboard or MDF this is a solid oak unit and as such drilling the appropriate holes to house the fittings will not affect the durability or solid structure of the unit in any way, also by having the unit sent without pre-drilled plumbing holes means that it will suit your needs for your plumbing exactly after alteration. Stone topped units will be supplied with the hole pre drilled to allow for the fitting of the stone upon installation of the internal pipework.


**Please take into consideration that once some of our units have been plumbed in space may be used within the cupboard for the waste, oak top units come without any drill holes so that you can make an informed choice for the position of the bowl and tap. It is recommended prior to use to coat the surface of the oak top with a satin yacht varnish, this further protects the oak, also wiping down the surface after use will prevent marking.