Exploring the Latest Design Trends in Vanity Units

Vanity units have long been the centrepiece of bathroom interiors, setting the tone for the entire space. As we step into 2023, there’s a palpable shift towards embracing natural and imperfect materials in bathroom design. There is a growing preference for warm, inviting bathrooms, with a focus on materials like tumbled, honed stone, wood, and handmade tiles like zellige. 

What are the Different Vanity Unit Styles for your Bathroom?

  1. Modern Vanity Units – These units are characterised by their sleek designs and clean lines. Many modern vanity units now incorporate smart features, offering both style and functionality.
  2. Minimalist Vanity Designs – The essence of minimalism lies in simplicity and functionality. Minimalist vanity designs, often found at Bathrooms & More store, focus on decluttered spaces and essential features.
  3. Vintage Vanity Units – A nod to the past, vintage vanity units bring a touch of retro charm with classic finishes and antique hardware.
  4. Industrial Style Vanity Units – With raw materials like exposed brick and metal, these units exude a rugged aesthetic, perfect for those seeking a bold bathroom look.
  5. Floating Vanity Units – Wall-mounted designs not only offer a spacious look but also make cleaning a breeze. Their modern appeal is undeniable.
Oak Top Unit Ceramic Basin

Materials and Finishes

  • Marble Vanity Units – The epitome of luxury, marble vanity units provide timeless beauty. The use of natural materials, such as tumbled or honed natural stone, is becoming increasingly popular.
  • Wooden Vanity Units – Wooden units offer a warm and inviting design, making them a top choice for many homeowners.
Urban Chic Single Vanity Unit & Stone Basin
  • Metal Vanity Units – For those seeking an industrial appeal, metal vanity units, crafted from materials like brass or stainless steel, are an excellent choice.
  • Matte Finish Vanity Units – Offering a subtle and sophisticated look, matte finish units are also practical, reducing visible fingerprints and smudges.
  • Glossy Finish Vanity Units – For those seeking a touch of glamour, glossy units with their reflective surfaces are perfect.

Colour Trends

Black vanity units, with their bold and contemporary appeal, are emerging as a popular choice for those seeking to make a statement in their bathroom. On the other hand, white vanity units, with their timeless versatility, have the ability to brighten up any space, creating an illusion of a larger and more open bathroom.

 For homeowners looking to infuse a dash of vibrant colour into their space, vanity units in bold shades like blue or pastel pink offer a refreshing alternative. Meanwhile, neutral-toned vanity units in earthy shades are perfect for those aiming to create a calming and serene bathroom atmosphere. These latest trends in vanity unit designs cater to a variety of tastes and preferences, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Functional Features

Reflecting the latest design trends in vanity units, the demand remains strong for storage-centric solutions that declutter spaces.

  • Vanity Units with Storage – Maximising space and reducing clutter, units with ample storage options, like drawers or cabinets, are always in demand.
  • Double Sink Vanity Units – Perfect for shared bathrooms, these units offer personal space for multiple users, ensuring morning routines run smoothly.
  • Compact Vanity Units for Small Spaces – For those with limited space, compact units, like some of the designs at Bathrooms and More Store, are a lifesaver.

 Sink and Surface Trends in Modern Bathrooms

Numerous trends are reshaping sinks, surfaces, and styles, providing new viewpoints for crafting a multitude of contemporary bathroom aesthetics.

Vanity Units with Vessel Sinks – As interior designer Francesca Grace points out, sinks offer a significant opportunity to make a statement. Vessel sinks (especially made of stone and travertine), which sit atop the counter, are a popular choice.

Space Saver 490x355mm 1TH Semi Recessed Basin
  • Vanity Units with Undermount Sinks – For a seamless look, undermount sinks, installed beneath the counter, are ideal.
  • Vanity Units with Quartz Tops – Durable and stain-resistant, quartz tops offer a modern and luxurious appeal.
  • Vanity Units with Granite Tops – With their unique patterns, granite tops add value and aesthetic appeal to any bathroom.

 Hardware and Accessories

From gold to silver, there are many hardware and accessory trends making a comeback in contemporary bathroom design.

  • Vanity Units with Gold Hardware – Gold hardware adds a touch of luxury and timeless appeal, perfect for classic bathroom designs.
  • Vanity Units with Silver Hardware – Modern and sleek, silver hardware complements a range of vanity designs.
  • Vanity Units with Minimalist Handles – For those who prefer a subtle look, minimalist handles are the way to go.
  • Vanity Units with Mirror Accessories – Mirrors enhance both functionality and aesthetics, with options like LED or anti-fog mirrors being popular choices.
  •  Vanity Units with Integrated Lighting – Integrated LED lights not only enhance visibility but also add a touch of ambiance to the bathroom.

 Sustainability in Design

Embracing a more environmentally conscious approach, the sustainability trend in bathroom design introduces a range of eco-friendly vanity units that prioritise the use of sustainable materials.

  • Eco-friendly Vanity Units – With a focus on sustainability, eco-friendly units made from sustainable materials are gaining traction.
  • Recycled Material Vanity Units – Crafted from recycled materials, these units are not only environmentally friendly but also offer unique designs.
  • Sustainable Design Trends in Vanity Units – With an emphasis on green trends, sustainable designs focus on aspects like low VOC paints or reclaimed wood.

Technology Integration

Embracing the digital age, modern vanity units are undergoing a technological revolution.

  • Smart Vanity Units – Modern bathrooms are embracing technology, with units now featuring Bluetooth speakers or digital displays.
  • Vanity Units with Built-in USB Ports – A nod to our digital age, built-in USB ports in vanity units are becoming a standard feature.
  • Vanity Units with Touchless Faucets – Offering both hygiene and water-saving benefits, touchless faucets are a must-have in modern bathrooms.


The latest trend in vanity units involves custom-built designs that cater to individual preferences, seamlessly blending functionality and style to create personalised bathroom focal points.

  • Custom-built Vanity Units – For those seeking a unique touch, custom-built units tailored to individual preferences are the way to go.
  • Personalised Vanity Units – Adding personal touches, like engravings, can make a vanity unit truly one-of-a-kind.
  • DIY Vanity Unit Trends – For the creative souls, DIY bathroom trends offer a chance to personalise their bathroom space fully.


Staying updated with the latest vanity unit trends ensures that your bathroom remains both stylish and functional. Whether you’re seeking a modern look or a classic design, brands like Bathrooms and More Store offer a plethora of options. 


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