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Invest in one of our fantastic solid oak laundry bins today


Save your aching back and give your families dirty washing a new home aside from the floor


Are you tired of doing the rounds, traipsing around the house from one bedroom to the next gathering filthy clothes that lay strewn across the floor like litter? Well there are ways of avoiding such a painful and meaningless task and it’s a lot easier than you think! Our solid oak laundry bins are as convenient as they are discreet, while holding onto their irrefutably gorgeous finish.


With one of these solid oak laundry bins in your bathroom your family will no longer have any excuse but to dispose of their dirty clothes in the bathroom, rather than dumping them all over the house without a care. And what is a suitable punishment for any who fail to abide the new laundry bin rules? Well they’re on laundry duty of course!


The overall dimensions of this wonderful laundry bin are: H75cm x D35cm x W35cm, which gives you plenty of room to gather everyone’s clothing for the week without any trouble. The lid is fitted with a convenient hydraulic damper which is perfect for preventing any fingers from being trapped and it also comes complete with a satin lacquer finish that is hard-wearing while subtly highlighting the stunning oak grain.


These items are expertly crafted and built to such a high standard so as to guarantee a lifetime of usability. There is absolutely no assembly required whatsoever and we can have it delivered to your door within two to three working days, or alternatively you are more than welcome to upgrade to next day delivery upon checkout through our automated online purchasing service.


Not only that but these solid oak laundry bins are priced a damn sight below the regular retail price as well! While they are designed with the intention of being used in a bathroom, these quality laundry bins are suitable enough to fit in well anywhere in the home, whether that be on the landing area, in your kitchen next to the washing machine or in your laundry room under the stairs.



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