Glass Basin Sets for Corner Vanity Units, Smaller Cloakroom Bathrooms
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Want to get the most out of your bathroom? Check out our convenient glass corner bathroom basins

If you are currently renovating a bathroom and you’re somewhat limited when it comes to space - for example in an en-suite; then it can be quite tricky to make the most of every available square inch. In certain situations like this you’ll need to be mindful of what furniture and utilities you roll with.

Our glass corner bathroom basin, tap & plug set is the perfect example of smart and selective decision making when renovating a smaller bathroom. Not only is this wash basin an incredibly practical feature, it is also sterile and easy on the eye. Granted this feature is hardly going to make an exceptionally prominent statement in you bathroom, however its sleek suitability and design make it a wise and practical option.

By utilising the corners of your bathroom for a wash basin you can allow more space for a bigger shower surface area perhaps, or even additional storage space. There is nothing worse than being in an already smaller bathroom and yet struggling to move around inside it comfortably as well. One of our glass corner wash basins will surely free up a significant amount of those much needed square meters for you.

While having said that, this does not necessarily mean that this particular feature is not suitable for a larger bathroom. In fact, when used with a mounted, mirrored corner wall vanity unit it becomes an incredibly viable option for any bathroom. You save on space and allow more room for a bigger bathtub and shower. It all depends on the style of bathroom that you are going for. If you’re planning on designing your bathroom in such way that inspires relaxation and tranquillity then the focus isn’t going to be on the wash basin at all – the most prominent feature is going to be the giant spa-bathtub in the centre of the room.

Convenient, aesthetically stunning, practical, affordable, sleek and easy to install: our beautiful glass corner bathroom basin is an irrefutably incredible purchase that should not go overlooked this season.

Glass Corner Basin Sets