A Variety of Stylish Oak Home Furniture Ranges for a Classy Homeowner
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Much more than a bathroom furniture store -Stylish furniture ranges for each & every room of your home!


The close-knit family team at the Bathrooms and More Store are passionate about what they do, and every fine detail is treated with care so that they can take pride in the knowledge that all their customers will be enjoying only the very best quality furniture when placing an order through the BMS online store. It is known and quite evident that it is Bathroom Vanity Units, Stunning Stone and Ceramic Basins and Oak Mirrored Cabinets that is the families main area of expertise, however during their 25 years of experience buying and selling quality furniture around the globe they have also picked up quite a skill for procuring all styles of home furniture, especially Oak Home Furniture. So now you can see that they stock and sell an extensive array of the finest, best built furniture products and on this website you will be able to find just about anything you might need or want for your home.


The best home furniture and the prices make our '&More' section of the website an increasingly popular one-stop-shop for UK Homeowners


This, being the entrance page to the '& More' part of our online store, is the starting point and basically the index page for the variety of other furniture ranges we are proudly furnishing the UK's most stylish abodes with. You will find something for all rooms be it the Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Nursing Room & we even have you covered if it is a Home Study that you are currently decorating. If you have a modern taste in furniture then we have that, alternatively if you care more for the rustic, antique styled furniture then we have you well covered with that too. We have even taken time to think about the wine collectors, with stylish wooden wine racks that will last the test of time. The only running theme throughout all of our pieces is the use of the best materials and best workmanship to put it all together, which is a combination that ensures furniture that can withstand wear and tear and maintain a good look and feel for many years. You may also notice that we are always thinking about space, and sell many space efficient storage units and even some great oak trunks that can add a lot of character to a room.


The family online home furniture shop that puts its customers and the environment first


All the top of the range, solid oak, mahogany and other wooden pieces used in building the furniture we sell, is only being sourced from plantations that we know through our own research and experience is sustainable and ethical. Your conscience can remain totally clear when shopping for a new Tv Stand, Dinning Table, Storage Boxes or whatever else is on the shopping list today; we have even started selling many furniture items which have been made from reclaimed wood. So enjoy your retail therapy, add some class to your home and enjoy industry low prices for furniture of such a high quality.



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