Bathroom Storage Options

The various types of storage in the bathroom.

Depending on the size of your bathroom there is a variety of different storage solutions for you to choose from. With smaller bathrooms you certainly have to be much more careful when deciding on what storage ideas to run with. For example with a smaller square meter area you will have to utilise shelving in order to make the most out of the wall space, allowing you more space on the floor. If you have much more room to play with in your bathroom you can fit a fair sized vanity cabinet in there which can hold the bulk of your toiletries allowing you to keep the bathroom relatively clutter free.


Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets are fantastic for keeping all of your toiletries and ‘bits and bobs’ out of sight. There is nothing worse than a cluttered bathroom where you can barely see the sink as it is surrounded by shampoos, shower gels and make up bags. Generally you can find some beautiful sink/vanity cabinet combinations as shown in the image below:


Bathroom Cabinet


As you can see from this stylish combination cabinet, the sink is clutter free on top with plenty of storage space underneath it. This frees up the rest of the bathroom without having to have much clutter scattered around the place. It is perfect for keeping a clean and spacious looking bathroom which increases the overall comfort of the room. There is nothing more unnerving than trying to unwind in a bathroom that is crowded with crap.


Storage Ladders

A storage ladder is a brilliant way to stack your toiletry necessities away nicely without taking up too much space in your bathroom. This is a brilliant solution for those who have less space to work with and would like to try something a little different with additional ease of access. These storage ladders as shown below are rather trendy and quirky looking features that not only look great but are always incredibly practical.


Storage Ladder


You can place these anywhere in the bathroom depending on what you want to use them for. You can place it next to your toilet for easier access to toilet roll, next to the shower so that you’re never too far away from a clean towel, or even next to your bathtub so that you can leave a shelf free for the bottle of wine!


Wall Cabinets / Shelving.

Again, for smaller bathrooms it is always wise to utilise the wall space in order to achieve the most effective storage solutions without sacrificing too much room on the floor. If you look at the wall cabinet featured below you will notice that it is effectively mounted on the wall and is incredibly easy to access.


Wall Cabinet


There are a number of different styles of wall mounted storage that you can go for, some prefer the simplistic shelving option while others enjoy a beautiful wall mounted cabinet much like the featured image. Take care when planning your bathroom renovation and be sure to consider all of the storage options available to you.



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