A Touch of Glass

One bathroom material which growing in popularity for use in the bathroom is glass.

Unlike some other stone or masonry options, glass has the benefit of acting as a reflector of light, which can make a room feel lighter, fresher and brighter.

glass basins

Today we offer some ideas to incorporate glass details in your own bathroom…


Glass tiles comes in a range of colours, shapes, patterns and designs.

Whether you’re after something bold and extravagant, cool and calming or neat and traditional, there are various themes and styles for you to choose from.

They are easily cleaned, and their high shine finish works well on floors, walls or surfaces.

They can also add impact when combined with more traditional ceramic tiles for a pop of colour and texture.

glass tile combo


Glass accessories can add a very stylish, classic feel to your bathroom. Try using ornate jars to store bathroom essentials such as cotton wool and to display colourful details such as pretty soaps.

glass jars for bathroom

Glass shelving looks modern, is easy to clean and less likely to stain.

glass bathroom shelves

Glass works especially well for fittings such as basins. Our wall mounted glass round corner bathroom inset basin bowl is easy to fit, clean and maintain, saves space in the bathroom and looks super stylish!

Glass Corner Bathroom Basin Tap & Plug Set

It also happens to be in the sale right now! Why not add a touch of glass to your own bathroom?

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  1. Cristine Cusin says:

    where can I buy a glass bowl such as the ones you have featured in your picture posted 30 April 2014 (two bowls in an ensuite setting)

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