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Enhance Natural Light in Your Bathroom

Utilising natural light in your bathroom is not only a great way to create a clean and relaxing look, but is also very useful in a practical sense. Natural light is very handy when applying make-up or checking your appearance.

There are many ways that you can enhance the natural light in your own bathroom, even if you only have small windows or skylights. Today we share our top tips… let there be light!

bathroom natural light

1. Go Bright
White reflects light, so it is the perfect choice to help create a well-lit bathroom. White decor has the added advantage of making a room look bigger, making it ideal for smaller bathrooms. Keep it simple with neutral fittings and frames.

White Marble Top & White Marble Basins
Our White Marble Top & White Marble Basins give a fresh and light reflecting finish.

2. Reflect
Another great way to reflect and enhance natural light is with strategically placed mirrors. For a bold look, you could try a whole wall of mirrors. This will really enhance the available space and light and give the appearance of a much larger room.

mirror wall

3. Brighten with Colour
Although white is best to reflect light, you can also select bright colours such as turquoise and aquas, yellows and coral shades. Darker colours will absorb light, so be sure to avoid them.

blue bathroom

A fresh and bright bathroom makeover will have your home ready for spring in no time!