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Check Out Our Wonderful Range of Solid Oak Wall Mounted Mirror Overhead Cabinets

Welcome to Bathrooms and More Store, your one stop for all of your bathroom and home furniture needs. Here you will find the perfect combination of quality and affordability.

In this category you will find a tasteful selection of solid oak wall-mounted mirror overhead cabinets. These are perfect for adding that little extra storage space in your bathroom, whilst serving multiple functions.

You can hang them over your compact oak stone unit and wash basin combo, which is ideal for brushing your teeth, having a shave or applying your makeup of a morning. In addition to that, having a mirror installed in a smaller bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite is an essentiality if you want to create the illusion of having more space.

The benefits of adding clever storage solutions to a smaller bathroom

If you’re looking to furnish a smaller bathroom, then you will need to optimise it well, in terms of space. So, when deciding on which furniture to choose, you should definitely consider one of these awesome solid oak wall-mounted overhead mirrored cabinets.

When dealing with a small amount of space, it is important to utilise every square meter available. This is why it is important to go higher and take advantage of the wall space in your bathroom. - A mirrored cabinet allows you to store all of your essentials inside a spacious compartment, ultimately reducing clutter and improving functionality.

The fact is, a cluttered bathroom is a stressful and uncomfortable bathroom. When you opt for clever storage solutions, you are essentially creating a stress-free zone where you can genuinely relax. Do not underestimate the benefits of doing as such.

Incredible quality, for less

Something that we would like to draw your attention toward is the quality of furniture in this category. Each of these solid oak wall mounted mirror overhead cabinets are hand-made to the highest standard, by skilled craftsmen.

There are no veneers used, only solid oak. The units are finished with a beautiful and hard-wearing satin lacquer which effortlessly compliments the natural grain of the oak. This wonderful finish will keep your unit in pristine condition for years to come!

Additionally, they are solidly constructed items which require no assembly. All you need to do is select where you would like to mount them and then fix it into place. So, not only can you purchase these units for well below the RRP, but they require very little effort on your part. In fact, all you need to do is find the perfect unit for your bathroom and then place your order with us; we’ll take care of the rest.

Flexible delivery options on all of our bathroom and home furniture

All of these cabinets are available for free delivery within certain UK postcodes, otherwise at a minimum cost, within the next 1 to 3 working days. If you would like to speed the process up, then you can upgrade to 24-hour delivery at the checkout. Before doing so, it might be worth checking our home delivery options page to ensure that you are eligible (of course, it depends on where in the UK that you are based).

We share our savings with you

You might be wondering why we’re able to sell these items for below the regular retail price. Well, we can assure you that it is nothing to do with the quality of the furniture. Again, these solid oak wall-mounted mirror cabinets are built to the highest standard.

The reason why we’re able to offer them to you for less, is because we are strictly an online business. This means that we do not have any physical ‘bricks and water’ showrooms or stores.

Therefore, the money that we save on that, we are able to share with our valued customers. – Just one of the reasons why Bathrooms and More Store is the preferred choice for many people in the UK.

Environmentally friends, family run business

At Bathrooms in More Store, we take great pride in being an environmentally friendly, family run business. As such, all of the items of furniture that we stock are made from wood that has been sourced using eco-friendly methods.

For example, our Urban Chic range of furniture is made using only wood that has been reclaimed and recycled from areas in Southern India.

This particular range of wall-mounted overhead mirror cabinets is made from solid oak that has been sourced from sustainable plantations. That means that for every tree that is harvested, others are planted. So, when you purchase an item of furniture with us, not only are you saving money; but you’re doing your part for the environment by supporting sustainable methods.

Are you looking for home furniture?

Don’t forget that here at Bathrooms and More Store; we stock a wide range of other bits as well as bathroom furniture. So, why not stop by our home furniture section and see if there is anything else that you would like for your home? We’re certain that you will be able to find something you love.

We’re here to help

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