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10 Good Reasons to Have a Cold Shower

10 Reasons why Cold Showers aren’t as terrible as you think


Person shocked by cold shower

Cold shower? Urgh, even saying the words out loud makes me feel uncomfortable, though like it or not there are far too many benefits to ignore.



Washing your hair with warm water isn’t a bad thing of course, as it allows shampoo and conditioner into your hair follicles. That being said it’s much better for you to at least finish off with a cold rinse – this will help to lock in all of the moisture and tighten the cuticles in your scalp which goes a long way towards preventing hair loss. Would that I had researched this 10 years ago, perhaps I wouldn’t be a baldy!



Hot water is great for opening up the pores of your skin, though in actuality it isn’t the best thing for you. A cold shower is much better because hot water washes away the natural oils on your skin which dries it out; whereas cold water constricts your blood vessels helping to tighten pores and reduce redness.


Soothes Eczema and other Dry Skin Conditions

A cold shower is excellent for people with dry skin conditions, as the cold water preserves your natural oils as opposed to stripping them away and drying your skin out even further. It may  be uncomfortable at first, but once you acclimatise you will feel amazing.


Wakes You Up

The initial shock of a cold shower is the perfect kick start to your day. Who needs a coffee when you can surprise your body with a cold burst of fresh water? This is largely beneficial for your energy levels, performance and even your creativity.


Mental Health

Studies show that cold showers are actually beneficial to those suffering with certain mental health problems such as depression. A cold shower sends a large amount of electrical impulses from peripheral nerve endings to the brain, which could potentially result in an anti-depressive effect. Feeling blue? Get in the shower.


Immune System

Cold showers are very good for your immune system because they increase your circulation which in turn stimulates the production of your immune cells, aiding your body in fighting off things like the man flu or a cold.


Muscle Recovery

After a hard work out, take a cold shower. The cold water helps to reduce inflammation and aid your muscles in repairing. It’s not so unpleasant either, given that your core body temperature will already be naturally very high, so a nice cold blast will do you good.


Weight Loss

I know right? I’m going to start taking a cold shower every day, but can I still eat chocolate? The fact is that cold bathing increases brown fat activity in order to generate heat. So your body consumes calories in order to maintain body heat – perfect!


Stay Sharp

It’s all about circulation! Cold showers stimulate your circulation which oxygenates your organs more effectively. It basically leads to deeper breathing, a feaster heart rate and a release of adrenaline; all of which leads to increased energy and productivity. Wanna feel good? Jump in the shower!



In a nutshell: when the temperature of a man’s testes increases, the sperm count decreases – pun intended.



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